Review: Urban Decay Sparkle Pens (discontinued but available)

By Voxy  

urban_decay_red_sparklerDiscontinued, schmiscontinued. (Yeah, that doesn’t work so well, huh?)

Although Urban Decay has discontinued this lip product, there are still a reasonable amount of them running around out there, so I’m providing this review in case you happen to see some of them and wonder if you should plunk down your hard-earned Benjamins on them, although since they are probably going to be dirt-cheap (and if they aren’t, don’t buy them), a minimum of Benjamins will be required. Actually, only a small fraction of a Benjamin, maybe just the B part. At any rate, with the holiday season coming up, you might be looking for a way to inexpensively add some sparkle to your makeup palette, and these are a good and surprisingly subtle choice that you could really wear year-round.

Like Stila’s Lip Glaze, the pens have brush applicators; you twist the bottom of the pen (it makes a clicking sound) and it advances the plunger towards the brush, forcing the product up through a little tube in the center of the brush and out to the brush tips. “How-it-works” geeks like me will get full value just from watching the mechanism. You will have to turn the bottom quite a bit to get the product to the brush tips; in the photo, the level of the pigment is around the E of “Urban Decay,” and I had to turn it enough so that the plunger had pushed the pigment up to between the star and the D before the product reached the tips.

This gloss has a lovely smooth lip-feel and is not sticky; it has a slightly fruity fragrance that’s barely noticeable. I do wish the color were more saturated; I was hoping for a nice bright, rich holiday red and what came out is sort of a light cherry/strawberry pink. It’s actually pretty, but it’s definitely not what I expected given how red the product appears in the tube. The “sparkle” is not so much sparkle as gentle shimmer, very subtle and easily wearable at work. It would also layer well over more matte products. Wearlength is standard gloss wearlength, which is to say that you will want to bring it with you for touch-ups during the day and after eating.


Provenance: Purchased (Marshall’s clearance!)

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): For the price I paid ($3): excellent! For full-price ($10): fair.

Purchase again? Yes, but only at the Marshall’s clearance price.

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