Review: Decleor Aromessence Angelique Night Balm

By Voxy  

decleor angeliqueTo me, Decléor is a brand that has always communicated luxury and mystique. This is mostly because I think their packaging is incredibly alluring (take a look at this, and this) — who knows what miraculous elixirs and potions might be housed within those seductive and mysterious bottles, bottles that whisper to be held and caressed and gently opened to reveal the exotic unguents within? Unfortunately, they’ve been launching more and more products in boring, ordinary squeeze tubes rather than little glass ampules, and as hard as I try I just can’t seem to get up the urge to caress a plastic squeeze bottle.

Also, a disturbing number of their products seem to be yellow. Case in point: Decleor Aromessence Angelique Night Balm.

Decléor was one of the first major lines to incorporate aromatherapy and essential oils in their skincare products (35 years ago, believe it or not; how time flies). The Angelique products have essential oil of angelica in them; this line is designed for dry skin. Most of the Aromessence products also come in a Ylang-Ylang version for oily skin and a Neroli (yum) version for normal skin.

One thing I like about this product is the simple list of ingredients, which reads merely:

Essential Oils (Rosemary, Geranium, Chamomile, Angelica), Plant Oils (Borage, Avocado, Red Palm), Essential Waxes (Narcissus, Rose, Cassia).

I bought this one winter when I was having a lot of dry, flaky undereye skin and I wanted something really emollient. The saleswoman at Sephora gave me samples of several products, and this was the best of what I tried at that time, even though it’s not specifically a product for the eyes. It is, indeed, extremely emollient. In fact, it is so emollient (it is, after all, oils and waxes) that it might be too much for some people. I haven’t tried the oily- or normal-skin versions; it might seem paradoxical to put a balm of waxes and essential oils on oily skin, but I have recently come around to thinking that that might actually work in some cases.

In the manner of saleswomen, this one told me that this product would “help my dry skin learn to heal itself.” Uh… maybe my skin didn’t study enough, or needed tutoring or something. I didn’t notice any lasting change in my skin from continual use. I still use it as an undereye balm in winter (sometimes at night), and during the driest and coldest days of winter I use it as a face balm also.

To use this as an undereye balm, apply a small (tiny, minuscule, almost-invisible) amount with your ring finger. To use it as a balm for the whole face, take an only-slightly-less-tiny amount and rub it between your hands to warm it. Pat gently and lightly (but thoroughly) over the face. I’m not a fan of rubbing or pressing this product in; the patting works just fine for me. The warmth of your skin helps distribute the product evenly over your face.

If you want to really enjoy your Decléor products, I highly recommend that you do not look at the price tag, because this is one expensive line. On the other hand, the products last forever, so you’ll probably only ever need to buy one.


Provenance: Purchased

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): fair

Purchase again? No (it’s a nice product, but I can’t imagine ever running out or needing to purchase another one)

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Let us know in the comments!)

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