Monday Mix: Questions from the Open Thread

By Voxy  

[22.365] sphere-itize me, captain by db*photography.Some excellent questions were asked on last week’s Open Thread, so here they are for further discussion. I know you all have some fantabulous answers!

Plin asked:

1. I am reaching the dregs of my Kiehl’s Abyssine under eye cream, and need to make a purchase. I’ve been satisfied with it for the past few years, but lo I am aging, and there may be something better for me out there. I’m lucky enough not to have any real issues (yet) with puffiness or dark circles, despite rarely getting enough sleep, so my main concern is the fine lines issue[.]

2. I need to do something to jazz up my eye makeup. I don’t want to be one of those women who looks like a relic from a previous decade because of eyeshadow color or liner style or whatever. What’s a good source for finding out trends in this area?

Your recommendations and suggestions are requested!

I also thought the answers to “in what order do you apply your cosmetic products?” were interesting! I also apply eye liner and mascara before shadow, for exactly the reason someone mentioned: I don’t want to have to clean up and redo shadow if I accidentally whack myself with the mascara wand.

And, this blog has officially caused at least one person to buy a new red lipstick. (I mean, besides me.) Yay!

Photo: / CC BY 2.0

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