You are all fantastically awesome … and, more SALES

By Voxy  

If you didn’t see these on my Twitter feed yesterday, here are the newest sale codes for your shopping enjoyment!

Philosophy: 25% off your purchase through 11/20, with checkout code ENJOY. Free shipping with purchases over $50.

Origins: 25% off your purchase through 11/19, with checkout code NOVFF. Free shipping with purchases over $75. (Alas, gift sets are not included in the discount.)

Also, I just wanted to say that there are many more readers of this humble blog than I ever expected, and I am so happy and grateful for that! I’m so glad you are all here. Some of you are regular commenters, others not, but you are all welcome, and feel free to pipe up whenever you feel inspired. Virtual cookies for everyone! (Or, pie. I’m still on the pie thing. Especially since ONE OF YOU made apple pie over the weekend. You know who you are.)

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