In Search of the Perfect Mascara, Part II

By Inthelab  


Onward to Avon’s Daring Curves Waterproof Curling Masacara in Black. This was on sale at the Avon site ( for $2.99. The brush has an interesting spiral, instead of the curved brush I’ve come to expect from curling mascaras.

The Avon site describes it:

New tri-curl brush lifts and holds lashes all day, even when wet. Get lashes up to 59% curlier, 400% fuller. Flakeproof. Waterproof. .21 oz. net wt. All Avon mascaras are hypoallergenic and opthalmologist-tested.

I wonder how they measured curliness; I sure would like to see the before and after photos of the eyelashes. On to the test now. I did the test with full eye makeup regalia, being I had another engagement to attend earlier today (a neighbor’s daughter, must be something in the water …).

Now I am all in favor of a plastic seal around the tube so you know your mascara is fresh and new, but this seal was ridiculous. Its perforations were impossible to lift and break without chipping my fresh manicure; the seal was too tight to use the blade of little manicure scissors to open. I had to resort to using my dental pick to create a tab along the perforations so I could break the seal, which ran along the entire length of the tube. This is not how I want to use mascara. I usually buy several at once, tossing every 3 months then reaching for the next tube. I should not need an arsenal of instruments and a plan of attack to open the next tube. Seriously. Applying the mascara was fairly easy, though without instructions on any special way to use the triple spiral brush, I didn’t know if I should just stroke or roll the mascara, or if it even mattered. Sometimes more is more.

I don’t know about daring curves; daring lift is more like it. As in, most of the lashes are lifted rather than curled, giving me a bit of a startled look. However, the lashes at the outer corners are not lifted, though they have mascara; they tangle in the lower lashes. Not a comfortable feeling, especially if I’m anticipating meeting and greeting guests while photographers are snapping away. I’m at a loss for how Avon can say it makes lashes 59% curlier and 400% fuller. The lashes are a bit fuller but not curly, just lifted. The black is a little more intense than the black of the L’Oreal Panoramic mascara.

The preliminary verdict: My daughter the bride told me my lashes looked very clumpy, which seemed to get worse as the day wore on. By the end of the day, my eyes felt somewhat irritated. The mascara came off easily with Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover.

Update: Today I’m trying it again. I rolled out the brush under the lashes, which seemed to give more of a curl plus uplifted effect. I was more careful in applying at the outer lashes, so that helped with the tangling I had yesterday. It definitely has a tendency to clump, which in my experience is unusual for a newly-opened tube of mascara. Usually when I have had clumping (with Le Grand Curl or Courbe Virtuouse), it signified time for a new mascara tube.

Final verdict: I rate this mascara good, downgrading it due to clumping and the difficulty I had removing the plastic seal. I know my eyes are more sensitive than other folks’ eyes, so I’m leaving itching/irritation out of the ratings. Repurchase? Probably not, since there are other options from which to choose. Provenance: purchased.

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