Review: Laura Mercier Stickgloss

By Inthelab  


I rarely use the term holy grail (HG) to describe makeup or skincare items (I can be so fickle sometimes). But if there ever was an item I might apply the HG honorific to, this is it. Beginning of the tale: I’m a fan of Laura Mercier and have been for many years. Her makeup colors are suited for professional women and women des ages certaines, as the French say. The relationship was cemented on my 30th wedding anniversary 18 months ago. Dear husband (DH) and I had dinner reservations at a posh restaurant across from Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. We arrived early, too early to just sit and drink until our table was ready. So I asked DH if he minded if I browsed cosmetics at Saks while he browsed men’s. Gallant soul that he is, he consented. I forget what propelled me over the Laura Mercier’s counter that day, but there I wound up. The very nice makeup artist proceeded to create a natural macquillage for me, one I could duplicate myself easily. I was happy to buy the neutral eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow he used to create a natural look.  And when I returned home, I signed up for e-mail updates from
Fast-forward to last spring and the new collection arrived in my e-mailbox, featuring a shimmering stickgloss in a color called Tiger Lily, a goldy peachy pink, perfect for fair-skinned, auburn-haired moi. (Note that the color used for this post is the stock photo from Laura Mercier’s site and not Tiger Lily.)  I ordered it toute de suite from the site (free shipping helped). And fell immensely in love. The lip gloss has enough body it doesn’t feel as if it will fall over when you apply it, the color is fantastic (and look good with a variety of lip liners), the texture is smooth as silk and moisturizing. It has no taste or fragrance (I like that a lot in my lip products). As expected from a gloss, reapplication is de rigueur. The one drawback is that it costs $20.00. But as the ad says, I’m worth it.

Laura Mercier’s site describe the stickgloss thusly:
Laura Mercier Stickgloss cares for your lips while delivering colour in a sheer and sophisticated finish.

* Part Lip Balm, part Lip Colour and part Lip Glace
* Provides a sheer wash of colour, creates dimension and adds fullness to the lips
* Ultra-hydrating and longer wearing than a traditional Lip Glace
* 0.12 oz./3.5g
The tube look small but the weight is average for lipsticks or stickglosses. I’ve already repurchased. And next time I’m at a Laura Mercier counter, at Saks or elsewhere, I’ll be trying the other colors as well.

Verdict: Excellent.
Provenance: Purchased.

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