Hit Me/Miss Me: Cover Girl

By Voxy  

hit miss 2It’s another installment of Hit Me/Miss Me, in which we talk about the absolute best and worst products we’ve used from a particular line! Turning to a longstanding drugstore line, what are your love/hate products from Cover Girl?

I’ve got the following:


Hit Me:

cg_smoothers_concealer_1CG Smoothers undereye concealer stick, $6.25 at drugstore.com. My favorite drugstore concealer, and the concealer I keep in my purse for emergency touch-ups throughout the day. Works well as an undereye concealer; slightly less well on blemishes but in a pinch it will do. Creamy formula; if applied with a light touch and blended carefully, does not settle in fine lines. In an ideal world, it would dry a tiny bit more matte, but a minuscule amount of powder applied on top sets it just fine and gets rid of the shine.


clean_fragrance_free_pressed_face_powder_1Clean Fragrance Free Pressed Powder, $5.93 at drugstore.com. I’ve almost entirely switched over to mineral or other loose powder, but again, for slipping in your purse for occasional emergency use, or for purchasing at a drugstore in a strange city when the airline has lost your luggage and you have a conference presentation the next morning, this is a good and inexpensive option. It’s no frills, so keep your expectations in check, but it’s non-comedogenic and fragrance free and a perfectly reasonable default option.


Miss Me:

200While I’ve tried several Cover Girl products that were just generally unimpressive, the only one that was bad enough to fall into my Miss Me category was Cover Girl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup, $7.29 at drugstore.com. This was hard to blend; the sponge applicator was not great and left me with streaks that dried to an uneven powder finish. It also dried out my skin more than I like. So this is definitely one I won’t try again.


What are your Cover Girl Hit Me/Miss Me products?

(Provenance — all products purchased by me, sometime within the last couple of years. Sorry; I didn’t save receipts.)

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  1. avatar Wormold
    Posted December 11, 2009 at 1:20 am | Permalink | Reply

    A big miss: Outlast Lip Stain. I had high hopes, but no dice. I bought two to start. One was nearly dried out from the moment I opened it, and does nothing. The other one looks like I went to town with a magic marker, and smears all over everything. The point of lipstain is that it lasts and doesn’t smear.


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted December 11, 2009 at 7:19 am | Permalink | Reply

      I’m paradoxically glad to hear that, since I keep eyeing them when I walk past them in the store, and now I will just keep on walking! They do look tempting.


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