Are You an Early Adopter?

By Voxy  

I'm proud of my new space-age Compact Electra Cleaning System by monkeysox.New! Improved! It Will Change Your Life!

These are among the many phrases which, more often than not, fill me with panic. “Change” and I are not friends. We do not say “hi” when we pass in the hallway. Instead, we avert our eyes and try to ignore each other. The most that “change” and I will ever achieve is distrustful detente.

So when new products come out, I am usually not first in line to pick them up. (This is probably also due to an over-developed sense of skepticism and cynicism.) There are some exceptions.

Areas in which I am an eager early adopter:

• New flavors of vodka or soda; new foods in the grocery store

• New audiobooks (though even then I will acquire a new audiobook and then sit on it for some months before actually listening to it)

Areas in which I am supremely unlikely to be an early adopter:

• New computer software upgrades

• New TV shows (I frequently don’t start watching shows regularly until their second season, even if they’re critically acclaimed. LOST and Mad Men are good examples)

• New movies (can’t remember the last time I saw a newly-released film in a theatre)

• … and, the eventual point of this post: new makeup trends. I am only just getting around to playing with the dark lip color that’s been trendy this season. I was super-suspicious of cheek stains for ages, and am still skeptical about cream eyeshadows and face primers (as per my previous post on that subject). I tend to hoard samples rather than use them; eliminating this hoarding habit is one of my upcoming New Year’s Beauty Resolutions.

That last bullet point may be changing, though, as I’m discovering more and more increasingly cool new things in the world of makeup and skincare. For example, with a recent VIB coupon from Sephora (“we recognize that you spend an obscene amount of money at this store, for which we thank you, and we suspect that if we put $20 in your hands we can convince you to spend some more”), I picked up the following as-yet-limited-release set of brand spanking new products: Smashbox Master Class — Beauty Breakthroughs. This set contains some products that I’m really eager to try, except I have learned the beauty blogger lesson that you must not try items until you have photographed them first, since no one wants to see a photo of a smeary lipstick or eyeshadow palette. Hopefully I’ll do that this weekend, because this kit has several very cool-sounding things in it that I’m eager to test:



• Waterproof Eye Shadow Palette
• Brow Wax Pencil
• Lash Detailer Mascara
• Poured Photo Op
• Cheek Stain
• O-Gloss Shimmer


OK, I have to admit I cheated. I knew I wasn’t going to photograph the O-Gloss Shimmer without its cap on, so I broke into the product and tested it and it is really amazingly good, much better than the original O-Gloss. A group review of all of the O-products I O-wn (O-Glow, O-Gloss, O-Gloss Shimmer; I don’t have the bronzer) is in the works.

I’m “meh” on the mascara, since I’m still infatuated with Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! (the one in the horrible packaging), and I’m preparing myself for disappointment with the Poured Photo Op, since the regular cream Photo Op does nothing for me except make me look mildly jaundiced, which is not really a good look on me — well, on anyone. But the rest I am surprisingly eager to try. So perhaps I will turn into an early adopter after all!

What about you? Are you first in line for new products, or do you wait to purchase? Leave your answer in the comments!

Photo: / CC BY-ND 2.0
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  1. avatar Valerie
    Posted December 12, 2009 at 4:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    In the spirit of the season, in the spirit of giving, I’d like to give you the opportunity to do away with that hoarding problem you have.

    You may send all your hoarded makeup products to me at:

    Dept of Superior Studies
    University of Midwestern Morosity
    BeerGuzzler, MIDWEST, 10101


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted December 14, 2009 at 9:55 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Hee! I could, indeed, do that. But it’s more fun to buy it yourself!

      Seriously, if there is ever anything you’re looking for a sample of, I can always go through my stash and if I have one I’ll be happy to send it to you. My stash of samples used to be ginormous but now I’m trying to work it down by actually using the products, so there’s not so much as there used to be, but it’s always worth a shot.


  2. Posted December 11, 2009 at 7:49 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I love change and new things, absolutely. The only thing that holds me back from trying every new trend that comes down the pike is money. If I had a lot of it, I… wouldn’t for long, since I’d spend it immediately on brand-new stuff, most of which would be unsatisfactory and/or out of style in a flash.

    So being, er, economically challenged means I usually make pretty careful purchasing decisions, although I’m certainly prone to my impulse buys. I’m an impulse shopper for nail polish, for example–which is especially odd since I don’t even do my nails all that often. Except right after I buy a new nail polish.


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