Open-Thread Whatever, Happy Holidays, Pass the Eggnog

By Voxy  

<– Not my house.

Hey there! I realized I forgot to put up Open-Thread Thursday, because I was out at Marshall’s, buying no skincare or makeup whatsoever, but scoring a pretty awesome red crocodile computer bag. So here is a belated, holiday-ish, open thread on which you should feel free to chat about anything you like.

Oh! You may have noticed the new “Ask Voxy” feature to the left. If you have a question or want a recommendation or want to leave a comment, you can ask away at any time — no need to wait for a special Open Thread invitation. There’s also a new “latest comments” feature, which lets you know what people are chattering about.

As for sales, which I traditionally announce on Thursdays, well, let’s see what shakes down post-Christmas, shall we?

And of course, there’s the Q of the W. Which is, this week: What were your favorite holiday gifts (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, New Year’s, birthday, what-have-you) that you gave and/or received?

(It is understood that the company of loved ones, some time to oneself for reflection, and world peace are, of course, the best possible gifts. Go the next rung down on the ladder.)

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating, and Happy December 25th to those who are not! :)

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