Call for Questions, and: How Brand-Loyal Are You?

By Voxy  

hello old face; by krystalchu.Get it? Call for questions.

(Yeah, yeah.)

New Year’s is coming up — time for New Year’s Resolutions! (Not that you all aren’t perfect exactly the way you are.) Over the next week or two, I want to do some posts on New Year’s beauty/skincare resolutions. What are the areas you’d most like to talk about? I have Elsie’s hand cream roundup post to finish, and the liquid/gel eyeliner techniques post, and I want to do one for Plin on concealers, for which I need some uninterrupted quality time with the camera. (Actually, that one may turn out to be more than one post.) So those are on the menu; on account of the end of the semester and holiday travel, they need some time yet. What other things would you like to see covered as New Year’s topics?

There’s room for all of it; one thing I was particularly hoping to get from this question was a set of posts along the topics of “I’d like to bump up my current skincare/makeup routine [but I lack time/money/energy/a professional makeup artist]; what can I do to take my current routine, which is X, to X+1?” I would want to know what you currently do and/or use as far as products and procedures, and any particular intolerances or skin conditions that have to be taken into account, so that I/we (because you are all invited) can give advice and comment helpfully.

So, whether you have something along those lines, or just want to see a particular product covered, or have questions about a technique, ask away. You can either leave a comment here or ask it in the fancy new “Ask Voxy” box to the left. Operators are standing by!

While I’m on the subject of change: I was thinking the other day about brand loyalists vs. experimenters, and all of the various options in between. I tend to be about 70% experimental and about 30% brand loyalist, I think; once I’ve found what I consider to be a Holy-Grail-like product, I’m liable to stick with it for quite a long time (cleansers, for instance). But in other areas I’m always looking for the next new exciting thing. Sometimes my intention is to keep looking until I find a Holy Grail product and can settle down with it and buy a house together, and sometimes I just like to have a variety of different kinds of products, with the intent of using them all in a scandalous poly-product communal relationship.

Where are you on the scale? Mostly experimental? Mostly brand-loyalist? And if you’re brand-loyal, to which brands do you pledge your cosmetic or skincare allegiance?

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  1. avatar v
    Posted December 30, 2009 at 10:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    If I had more financial savvy I would be loyal to a company. In fact, one of my friends has always been loyal to Clinique even back in grad school. I was always jealous of the ability to be loyal to a brand. To me it implies a steady cash flow.

    As it is, I buy Lancome stuff or MAC lipstick when I get a fix and get money within a small space of time.

    Otherwise I end up at Target.

    If I had a beauty fund I would be a fan of Clarins and Caudalie.


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted December 30, 2009 at 11:19 pm | Permalink | Reply

      But you’re so glamorous! I have this image of you in which you are always immaculately dressed with the most sophisticated perfume and makeup. Please, please let me keep my illusions intact! ;)

      I don’t wear Clinique or Clarins, but I am starting to develop a serious Caudalie affinity.


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