Guest Post! Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Lacquers

By Inthelab  

Thanks to Inthelab for providing this guest post!

The backstory: Late last year I fell, dislocating my ankle and breaking both bones in my leg. One hospitalization with surgery later, I was bed-ridden for a spell. Number one daughter kindly loaned me use of her laptop with wireless internet connection. Somehow, I wound up browsing nail blogs. “Well,” I thought, “I might as well give myself killer manicures since it will be eons until I can have a pedicure again.” And when I could have pedicures again, I knew I wanted the biggest, brightest, hottest coral I could find on planet Earth painted on my newly-revealed toes.

One of the nail blogs mentioned Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) nail lacquers. Living near New York City, I’d heard of the famed nail salon, but not their products. RBL truly has lovely colors, ranging from blushing bride pale to killer vamp dark and everything in-between. The RBL Coral is the hottest, brightest, most outrageously red-hot coral I have seen.


In person, the color pops out even more. I had to have it. The same blog mentioned a new color for last spring, Om, a lovely blend of tea rose and mauve and I-don’t-know-what-else-to-call-it-but-it’s-lovely. Shamelessly, I bought both (dear husband called it “therapeutic”).Nail-OM-lg

Two new-to-me colors I just bought this month are Plie and (don’t laugh; OK, laugh!) Starfish Patrick. Plie is a soft pink-beige that is truly balanced between the pink and the beige tones. It’s an opaque cream, although the first coat went on quite streaky. This was corrected by the second coat (I always use 2 coats, and sometimes 3 for the sheers). I like it a lot, it has more character than the sheer nudes I usually wear. It’s performance so far is excellent.

Starfish Patrick is a sheer coral that has rave reviews. In the bottle it looks more orange than coral. This is the first non-opaque formulation by RBL I’ve tried. I like sheers best when they don’t streak, go on well in 2 coats, and don’t leave my visible nails looking “dirty” (that’s the only way to describe the look of nails through sheer color). This is more translucent than sheer, and 2 coats gave even coverage.

Colors may be just what I want, but the lacquer has to perform, especially if one is plunking down $18 per polish plus postage. Never fear: RBL delivers a wonderful product that applies smoothly, dries to a shiny finish, and lasts. I brought Om with me to Los Angeles for a niece’s wedding; the nail technician who did my manicure was impressed by its brush, texture, and smooth application (that’s saying a lot). My regular nail technician likes it better than the line her spa carries.

RBL makes a Base Coat Prep (which removes all traces of oil from your nails, so lacquers adheres well; you may not want to buy this product since a swipe with alcohol on a pad can do the same thing), a Base Coat that smooths the nail surface and preps it wonderfully (I’m switching to it from my current base coat), and a Top Coat that so far wears like iron. I like it much more than my previous top coat. All of these are $18 each.

The lacquers are 3-free, of course. $18 a bottle may sound like a lot (I think so) but when your mani lasts and lasts (ten days to two weeks for me), perhaps it’s worth the splurge for a great color or two. Sign up for the e-mails and learn when the lacquers are 50% off. The sale is usually twice a year.

Verdict: Excellent for colors and quality

Provenance: Purchased

Find them at Rescue Beauty.

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