Guest Post! Should Auld Products Be Forgot?

By Inthelab  

Thanks to Inthelab for providing this guest post!

Should auld products be forgot?

We think not. Here for the New Year we eulogize some products we’ve grown fond of, only to have them rudely removed. We hope some company reps might see this post and reconsider reissuing these great products.

1) L’Oreal Le Grand Curl Waterproof mascara. The best, best waterproof curling mascara ever. Washed off easily. Priced right. Colors were terrific and naturally emphasized lashes. Why do companies have to tinker with perfection?

2) MAC Pearl Glimmerstick in Gingerroot. One of 2 lip color lip liners we’ll be lamenting. I have a fondness for wind-up lip liners, since one can carry them around without fussing with a sharpener. We also have a fondness for lip-color liners that go with most of our lipsticks/ lip glosses.

3) Laura Mercier Automatic Lip liner in Terra Cotta. Another great YLBB (your lips but better) lip liner in a wind-up format. I liked to use it as base layer under lipsticks too.

4) Redken Fresh Curls Curl Activator. Just a hint of coconut in the scent, a lot of curl reactivation without hard crunch in your hair. The new product doesn’t hold a candle to it.

5) Laura Mercier eye shadow singles. I liked the easy-open pans and buying single colors instead of palettes. The new pans are hard for me to open.

6) Oak moss. Though not a product, it’s an essential ingredient in the chypre/green floral/ fougere families of fragrances. For some reason, the European Union’s safety committee singled out oak moss for exclusion from scents. This is because oak moss may act as a photosensitizer: spray fragrance with oak moss on your bare skin, expose skin to sun, you might get a rash. Well, guess what EU safety committee? There are literally hundreds of photosensitizing or otherwise allergenic molecules in fragrances, in cosmetics, and in food. Food! Lavender is allergenic, those with hay fever should avoid chamomile, and oil of bergamot (which comes from the Seville orange and gives Earl Grey tea its inimitable fragrance) is a skin sensitizer par excellence. Singling out oak moss (which means bye-bye to the great Guerlain classics Chant d’Arome, Mitsouko, and so many more) is sheer lunacy. The discerning fragrance consumer knows not to wear fragrance on bare skin when out in the sun. What’s wrong with an education campaign?

7) Chanel Glossimer in Praline. The best rose-beige color, and Glossimer glosses lasted on me a long while.

8) Lancome Bienfait Total Hydration for Oily Skin SPF 15. The best product for skin when using topical prescriptions for acne, so my daughters say. Nothing else like it on the market comes close to it.

Dear readers, this is by no means a comprehensive list. Please feel free to add your own late lamented products. I didn’t include products from the Prescriptives line because I wasn’t sure which ones Estee Lauder might still sell, otherwise Comfort Cream would have been listed here too.

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  1. avatar ab_grp
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    I miss St. Ives Raspberry Pearl Night Recovery Treatment Cream.


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