Monday Mix: It’s Spring (No, Really!) … and, Sales

By Voxy  

Yesterday morning, when I went grocery shopping, the outside temperature doubled between the time I went into the grocery store and the time I came out — which is to say, it went from 5 degrees to 10 degrees. So you may not yet be thinking of spring — but cosmetics companies are! Spring lines have already launched in Asia, and will be showing up in stores and on websites in the US within weeks. Big surprise: there’s a lot of pink and coral, and about six billion nude shades. MAC alone has eleven new collections coming out between now and April 15. Eleven!

Some of the collections are showing up at; I’ve linked to the Givenchy collection, but in the list to the left you can see some other ones as well. (They’re not all updated yet, but they soon will be.)


You can still get a few more days out of the Too Faced end-of-2009 sale: 30% off and free shipping over $50 with code LUCKYBREAKS, through 1/5. And if you miss that, you can get 20% off (also free shipping over $50) with code TTFUN, through 1/15.

MAC Friends & Family sale will be coming up soon; no checkout code yet but I will pass it along when it shows up.

… And, that’s about it. I don’t normally mention gift-with-purchase items here, or percentages off a certain product or line of products only, unless it’s a Really Super Fantastically Awesome Deal. In most other cases, I stick to the major “X% off site-wide” sales. As usual, I’ll update if I hear anything else today; otherwise, sales will show up again on Thursday.

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