Review: Lancome Color Fever Lip Gloss

By Voxy  

Lancome and I have a complicated relationship. Or rather, I have a complicated relationship with Lancome, and Lancome probably couldn’t care less about me.

After a fair amount of experimentation, I think the only products Lancome makes that I can really get behind are their lipsticks and glosses. I’m a big fan of the La Laque Fever lipstick I reviewed previously, and I do really like the Color Fever lip glosses. The rest of the makeup and all of their skincare are not for me. I have enough Lancome gift-with-purchase items that I think I can be pretty sure of the accuracy of that statement. Actually, I have enough Lancome GWP’s that I could probably make over everyone who lives in my building. For a pricy brand, they sure do give a lot of stuff away. Maybe they should keep some of it and lower the prices on the things you’re actually buying? Just a thought, there.

The Lancome Color Fever Lip Glosses are between a gloss and a lipstick in opacity, and they’re definitely glosses for grownups. Most of them are not transparent (with the exception of Rouge Magnificence, which is a surprisingly wearable clear red gloss; see: monster under the front seat of my car). Between the pigment and the shimmer, your lips will have almost as much coverage as regular lipstick, and if you use these on top of a lipstick, then you will be guaranteed full coverage.

Like Lancome’s La Laque Fever Lipshine lipcolor (love those L’s!), the Color Fever glosses come in a clear container with a splayed doe-foot applicator. The packaging is not among my favorites, mostly because I have this thing against squared-off lipgloss containers with sharp edges. OK, not “cut-yourself” sharp, but hunting for one of these in your purse can be uncomfortable. It’s also that whole “extra plastic that refracts light so you think you’re getting more product than you actually are” thing.

The lipglosses apply true to color, which is to say that what it looks like in the container is basically what it will look like on your lips. However — and this is a big however — I heartily advise that you shop in person, either at a counter or at Sephora, because the color swatches on the Lancome website are less accurate than your average entry in a “how-many-gumballs-are-in-this-jar” contest. Things that look pink on the site turn out to be coral, and things that look like a reddish brick end up being a deep berry. So, swatching in person is a good idea.

I also really, really wish that Lancome would not perfume their cosmetics. I don’t need my lipgloss to smell like perfume. In fact, I would much rather it did not. Foody scents don’t bother me as much, because at least a foody scent goes with a lip product; having my lipgloss smell like perfume makes me feel like I’m eating soap. Blech.

All that being said, and despite my many criticisms, the product is a good one. The wearlength is about average for a gloss (a few hours, at least on a working day when I’m talking all the time), and it wears evenly without feathering or leaving a stain around the outer edge of the lips. Now if they would only change their packaging, lose the scent, revamp their website for greater accuracy, and lower the price, we’d be all set.

The color shown both at the top of the post and below is “Combustible.”

Left: nekkid lips; Right: Combustible! As you can see, it really is true to the color in the tube, so at least it’s got that going for it.


Lancome Color Fever Lip Gloss: $26

Provenance: Purchased.

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): Fair. A bit higher than I’d like.

Purchase again? Maybe.

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Give a holler in the comments!)

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  1. avatar Inthelab
    Posted February 8, 2010 at 4:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Yes, I am a fan of the corals.
    Bobbi Brown this Sunday!!


  2. avatar Inthelab
    Posted February 8, 2010 at 7:20 am | Permalink | Reply

    Lovely color. I may need some, you know, therapeutic lip color, to justify its price.


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted February 8, 2010 at 8:09 am | Permalink | Reply

      It’s the coral thing, isn’t it? ;)

      Did you have your Bobbi Brown appt. yet? I’m dying to hear!


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