Review: Josie Maran Argan Primer Mist

By Voxy  

Lemming, meet Fox.

So I finally got my little paws on Josie Maran’s brand spanking new Argan Primer Mist. You know I’ve been jonesing for a spray-on serum of some sort for quite awhile, and I had some high hopes for this one, which contains the much-hyped argan oil, supposedly the most exciting cosmetic event since the discovery of cold cream.

Argan oil is produced by putting Argonauts in a blender and … no, of course I’m kidding. Really. The argan tree is native to Morocco, where it has managed to survive since the earth’s Tertiary Age, which ended a mere ~2.6 million years ago. Wikipedia has some interesting things to say about argan oil, such as that in days of yore it used to be produced by picking undigested argan pits out of goat feces and then grinding and pressing them to get the oil out. But don’t worry! Wikipedia says the argan oil used in modern products has “most likely” been harvested and processed in a “verifiably clean and sanitary way.” Most likely.

Anyway, argan oil is full of all of the kinds of things that are good for skin: vitamin E, squalene, carotenes, etc. And, you can also eat it, which I didn’t know. I wonder what it tastes like. (No, I am not going to squirt my Argan Primer Mist in my mouth, so don’t even think about daring me to.)

While I was waiting for this product to arrive in my mailbox, I just happened to find myself in a brick-and-mortar Sephora (other people find themselves on mountaintops or vision quests; I find myself in Sephora… that’s probably indicative of something) and I tested the pure argan oil on my hand. I wanted there to be light suddenly streaming down from heaven and a choir of angels and clouds and stuff, but it was sort of anticlimactic. The oil was — an oil. A light oil that absorbed into my skin and … pretty much did nothing for it. I asked the sales associate whether it’s meant to be applied directly to skin, and she said, in that certain way that says I don’t really know exactly what you’re supposed to do with it, but I bet the more things I can come up with, the more likely it is I can convince you to buy some, “Sure, you can put it right on your skin, or, uh, you can mix it with your moisturizer, or, uh, you can use it on your cuticles, or, uh, hey, have you tried these Josie Maran facial wipes?”

I did not purchase.

Anyhoo, I’m of two minds about the Argan Primer Mist. Mind number one says that it’s way too expensive and isn’t the magic product I hoped it would be. Mind number two notes that it does have an effect, that it’s not a completely useless product, and that maybe the more I use it the more results I will see.

I have tried using this two ways. First, as the package directs, by spritzing it on over moisturizer and before applying makeup. But I can’t really get much effect out of it that way, and it doesn’t seem to really do much for me as a primer. The other way I’ve tried it is after using my cleanser and toner; I spray my face a few times and pat it into the skin before applying other serums and moisturizers. This way seems to work better for me, at least so far. There is a difference in my skin when I subsequently apply another product; it feels like more moisture is retained in the skin. Of course, since we’re still in winter, and indoor heating sucks all of the moisture out of one’s skin anyway, I’m not sure whether there’s a net gain. I have also heard that you could spritz it over your made-up face as a sort of “refresher” in the middle of the day, but I’ve never really been on that train. I kind of think that after spending half an hour on making your face up, it’s kind of silly to spritz it with water midday. But there must be people for whom that works well and doesn’t result in spotty, runny makeup.

So the jury is still out on this. I might find that I notice more of a payoff in springtime as the weather gets warmer and less dry. I’m going to keep using it but at this point am uncertain about buying another bottle.


Josie Maran Argan Primer Mist: $36 at Sephora

Provenance: Purchased,

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): Poor to fair. Spritz-on things should not cost $36.

Purchase again? Highly debatable. Depends which of my two minds is in charge that day.

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Give a holler in the comments!)

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