VP Phone Home: Yay, the Mothership

By Voxy  

Reese's Pieces by renaissancechambara.Ahhh. Delicious, delicious retail therapy. As I keep saying, it’s a particularly busy time at work right now, so although there has been much testing and opining and muttering to myself about beauty products, what there hasn’t been time for is actually WRITING about them, hence the sad dearth of review posts this week. However! I just had a rejuvenating pick-me-up trip to Sephora (the Mothership, long may it reign) and also, my LORAC HauteLook order came in, so there will be many things up for review shortly! Sneak preview: I continue my love affair with Tarte, some more foundation reviews, a Laura Mercier lip palette, LORAC eyeshadows, and some MAC miscellanea including my very possibly favorite ever lipcolor.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/renaissancechambara/ / CC BY 2.0
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