Open-Thread Thursday: Shu Says Seeya; Q of the W; HIGHLY ANTICIPATED SALES

By Voxy  

If you’re a fan of the Shu Uemura line of products, you might want to go out and buy extra eyelash curlers and cleansing oil now, because the brand has announced it will be leaving department stores and closing its US boutiques by the end of the year. Evidently their US sales have not been as good as hoped for, and the parent company (L’Oreal) has decided to concentrate on its brick-and-mortar stores in Asia, where the brand is much more popular. You will still be able to buy Shu Uemura products online at, but they will start disappearing from stores shortly. Cult favorites from the line include the previously mentioned eyelash curler (shown in the photo at left, and long held to be an industry gold standard) and their line of cleansing oils. If you are a Shu fan and have other products you think people who are curious about the line should pick up now while they still can, please post them in the comments! There may be sales… who knows?

Q of the W:

This little video has been getting some serious attention in some online makeup communities, because apparently the girl who appears in the video, and who owns the stash in question, is TEN YEARS OLD.

According to other videos, her mother doesn’t let her leave the house with makeup on. It’s an in-the-house-only thing … but it seems to me to be far removed from the kind of “playing dress-up” makeup that I remember. This is serious stuff.

So the Q of the W is as follows. It’s a multi-parter — think of it as an essay question. Please put all of your answers in the blue books and make sure the TA checks off your name when you hand in your exam.

Is it appropriate for a girl this age to be experimenting with this kind of makeup? Does the fact that her mother doesn’t let her wear it outside the house make a difference? At what age did you start playing with makeup in a way that was clearly not “playing dress-up”? Did your parents approve? Did they know?

And now…


Obviously I am all a-quiver with excitement, because ULTA and Sephora are both about to have sizable storewide sales!!!

ULTA‘s twice-yearly 20%-off-everything-in-the-store coupons have just gone out. The sale begins Saturday, 4/3, and goes through Saturday, April 10. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an online version of the coupon, so you have to shop in-store (if I find out otherwise, I will certainly update.) The only announced exclusions are Dermalogica and clearance merchandise. There may be other in-store exclusions (quoth the coupon), but the important thing is that these are the Magic Coupons that also include their prestige/high-end brands, which are excluded from all of their other coupons. I see some more Stila Convertible Colors in my very, very near future.

Sephora will be having a 15% off sale for Beauty Insiders (PSA: JOIN) starting Monday, 4/12. I’m sure there will be things that are excluded, but in general it is a storewide/sitewide sale. For online orders, use checkout code BI15. Anything I can’t get at ULTA, I’m getting at Sephora.

Photo: / CC BY 2.0
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  1. Posted April 4, 2010 at 4:53 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Disturbing as it may sound, I actually started experimenting with makeup at about that age, with the same “not outside the house” rule. I joined some “beauty of the month” club, which sent me a box of skin care and makeup products every month (a mix of drugstore and department store brands).

    I never had anything remotely like this girl’s stash, and I wasn’t at all organized about it, but I don’t think the experience caused me any harm. In fact, I avoided the horrors of some of the faces I saw at school in junior high on girls who were just starting with makeup and considered old enough to wear it in public. I did study the application tips that came with the products, and practiced carefully.

    Plus, as you know, it didn’t exactly turn me into someone who sports a thickly painted face or anything. In my mind, it’s a lot like the fact that my family would occasionally have wine at dinner and allow me to have a small amount starting at… well, probably around 9 or 10 for that, too. So there was no air of the “forbidden” or “exotic” around alcohol or makeup, meaning that I never felt the need to exaggerate with either.


  2. avatar marigolds
    Posted April 3, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

    What if I didn’t get a coupon? Will there still be an ULTA sale for me?


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted April 3, 2010 at 5:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I think only the regular sale (whatever’s on special that week, etc.). The coupons come in the mail from being an Ulta Club member — which is like Sephora BI but the perks aren’t nearly as good. But you do get coupons.


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