Open-Thread Thursday: A is for Awesome Amity, Q of the W, and Sales!

By Voxy  

My friend Amity has earned some majorly awesome karma, so if all of you voxalicious vixens would send a nice thought her way, that would be faboo. Amity and I take a class together, and she recently returned from a family trip in which her mother-in-law (send some good karma for her too) gifted her with a bunch of Clinique makeup she no longer used or wanted. Amity, out of the goodness of her lovely heart, passed along the items she was unable to use to the rest of us in the class, and so I ended up with a slew of lovely Clinique items for future reviews! Since my collection is currently low on Clinique (and since I am also on a low-buy), this works out really well. So, a hearty three cheers for Amity and her mother-in-law!

P.S. — Amity would like to buy a duck, so if you have one for sale, please get in touch.

This leads to this week’s Q of the W, which is: What’s the nicest makeup item(s) you’ve ever been gifted?

In other news…


Sephora BI 15% off sale and Urban Decay F&F 30% off sale are still on through 4/19. Codes BI15 and 1SFNF respectively. Tarte‘s 20% off F&F sale is still on through the 30th; code TARTE44.

Here’s a new one: NARS is offering 18% (?) off orders of $50 or more through 4/30 with code 04101822. Shipping will be free, since it’s over $50.

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