Monday Mix: Olay Professional Pro-X Check-In, Sales

By Voxy  

Gavel by walknboston.Remember I was going to take the 28-day Olay Professional Pro-X challenge? The one in which if you used the products for 4 weeks you would see reduction in dark circles and puffiness, and in 12 weeks reduction in fine lines and wrinkles?

That was at the beginning of March. It is now the beginning of May. I let it go twice as long as I had originally intended (8 weeks rather than 4) because there were times when I wasn’t so compliant with the regimen and I wanted to be sure I had given the product a fair shake before tossing it in the dustbin.

Dustbin, ho.

The pluses were as follows: the “Wrinkle Smoothing Cream” is a perfectly good evening moisturizer if you don’t need it to do anything special. It does moisturize the skin well, but in my experience there are no other visible benefits. It will become my go-to elbow moisturizing cream until I finish it up. The “Eye Restorative Complex,” it turns out, attempts to reduce wrinkles by … moisturizing the eye area. Uh-huh. Right. OK, it’s a decent eye moisturizer, but I think it’s been pretty well proven by now that moisture alone does not do anything long-term for the reduction of wrinkles.

This leaves the Age Repair Lotion, the daily moisturizer with SPF 30, which did not moisturize me at all but which did break me out and leave my skin greasy. F.A.I.L.

Voxy’s Verdict: Save your $60 and invest in something else. I’ve gone back to my old standard Stri-Vectin eye cream and am trying out a new daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. I’m also trying some new evening products, and will be reporting on all of these in future days.

Sales — don’t get excited

Only one new sale to report: Korres is offering 25% off (and free shipping) through 5/12 with code SURVEY.

Some old ones still in progress. Check last Monday’s post. Bigelow and Hourglass sales still going on, I think Paula Dorf as well.

Photo: / CC BY 2.0
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