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By Voxy  

Finally! I can FINALLY upgrade to the kind of cotton pads that my extraordinarily special skin-care routine demands. All of these years I’ve been suffering with mere 100% cotton balls from Target or <shudder> CVS. But now I can finally treat myself to the quality products I deserve! Behold: Chanel Le Coton Cotton Pads, complete with the Chanel logo. (Let me tell you, if you have ever tried to stamp the Chanel logo on a cotton ball, well … let’s just say it’s harder than it looks.)

For a mere $20, you too can finally bring this aspect of your regimen up to snuff so that no one who visits your house and snoops through your bathroom will be dismayed by your lowbrow choice of cotton balls. That $20 bill gets you 100 — count ’em, 100! — cotton pads with the Chanel logo. Of course, $20 at, say, Walmart would get you about 2000 cotton balls, but really, it makes such a difference when you wipe your face with something with the Chanel logo on it. Those leftover bits of dirt and makeup are just shamed into leaving your face, and good riddance to them, sez I. I’m hoping for Chanel toilet tissue next. What? A girl can dream.


Q of the W

Hey, remember the Q of the W? This W’s Q of the W comes to us from Indianalitchick, who is wondering about bronzers. (‘Tis the season, after all!) She writes:

“Can we talk about bronzers? I have oily skin that is light-neutral and have been using a matte powder, but it seems too muddy. However, one with shimmer seems like it would make my skin look more shiny. Any suggestions?”

Here’s my take, but I absolutely encourage suggestions from other people.

As a fair-skinned girl, I have always had a big problem with bronzers. They always made me look dirty, or orange, or both. However, I recently found a bronzer that does none of these things, which I thought was pretty astonishing. That bronzer was Tarte Park Ave Princess, which I received as part of a Beauty-Insider package from Sephora. So that one is definitely on my “could actually use” list. I’ve also heard good things about Clinique’s Almost Bronzer, but haven’t tried it personally.

Some things that are not marketed as bronzers can be used as bronzers, too. For example: I have two Tarte mini cheek stains that work better as bronzers than blush for me: Exclusive and Delighted. Neither one is sold in stores, but both are available on eBay for not too much money.

Finally, I have to pimp one of my all-time favorite products: Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate, which you add to your moisturizer to give an all-over bronzy glow. I love this stuff.


Er… it’s another tumbleweed week in the Sale department. Oh, wait, this one just came in: if you’re a L’Occitane fan, then you might want to take advantage of their F&F sale which starts today and goes through 6/6. 25% off with checkout code FNF25.

Of some interest is the recent announcement that Editors’ Closet (a site similar to HauteLook or Gilt) will be launching a whole separate division for flash sales of cosmetics, skincare, and spa services. This new division is called Beauty Story and is set to launch on Monday, 6/7.

Image via Chanel.
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  1. avatar marigolds
    Posted June 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

    So, does the Dr. Hauschka bronzer turn whatever into a tinted moisturizer? They seem to be touting it as a foundation-ish replacement (nattering on about evening out skin tone and helping hide blemishes.) Do you put the bronzified moisturizer all over, or what?

    (Also: going off to buy Soft Ochre now.)


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