Construction — Sorry for the Mess, Please Wear a Hardhat

By Voxy  

road work ahead by dreamglow pumpkincat210.Hey everyone,

I foolishly decided to start messing with the blog this afternoon in an effort to improve it and I think I have broken some things. For example, the footer at the bottom is no longer blue, and some of the categories in the column on the left say there are 0 entries in them when of course there are more than 0. If you click the category, it does seem to produce all the posts that have that category designation (for example, it says there are 0 posts on eyeliner, but if you click it, all the posts in the “eyeliner” category do indeed pop up).

I’m sure there are other things that are wrong that I don’t even know about yet!

Anyway, please hang in there and email or comment if there is something that you find that isn’t working. I’m trying to put it all back in order but WordPress is not my strong suit.

Update: Yay! I seem to have fixed it. I wouldn’t go taking the hardhats off yet, though…

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