Well, I Caved; Stereo Rose is Up, Yo!

By Voxy  

Stereo Rose is now available on the MAC site. If you want it, I suggest you buy now. It is currently 8:50 am Eastern time and it’s been up only for maybe half an hour or so. Link here.

Code LASH710 will get you free shipping and a sample of Zoomlash mascara too.


Huh — I wish I’d been checking periodically throughout the day; it only occurred to me to do so now. It’s now 4:20 pm and it’s sold out online. It would have been fun to see when it sold out.

ETA: Apparently it sold out online around 10 am Eastern time. Yikes. It will still be available at stores and counters but I would call and ask them to put one on hold for you if you want one.

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