MAC/Rodarte Update: MAC to donate all global profits

By Voxy  

meh by Яick Harris.As per, MAC has announced they’re donating all the profits from the controversial collaboration with Rodarte “to a newly created initiative to raise awareness and provide on-the-ground support to the women and girls in Juarez.”

Also, “MAC and Rodarte are deeply sorry that this makeup collection was so offensive to the people of Mexico and concerned global citizens.” They will be renaming the products and revising the marketing materials (which I assume means taking new photographs).

As per our previous discussion on the topic, I think that there are a lot of complex issues here that have been oversimplified, and I’m dismayed by the number of comments I see on other blogs that say “i wasn’t going to buy from this collection b4 but i am now since it all goes to Juarez!!!!1!!one!” Let’s be honest, girls, you wanted the products and now you can tell yourselves how positively virtuous you are for buying them. It’s not the consumerism I mind; it’s the hypocrisy. But then again, I guess that’s the interwebz.

Did MAC make the right decision? Probably — but the femicides in Juarez, while utterly abhorrent and reprehensible, are a symptom of a much larger, deeper, and more complex problem that will take much more than one cosmetic collection’s profits to solve. Until there is an end to the drug/gang war in Mexico and a major improvement in economic conditions, buying lipstick to help Juarez is like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. If you really want to help women in Juarez, forgo the lipstick and nail polish and donate all of that money directly to a reputable charitable organization with teeth. Write to your senators and representatives. And work to improve conditions for women in your own hometowns by donating time and money to local and national organizations.


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