Thursday Tossup: On the Deflation of Lemmings; Sales

By Voxy  

Well, isn’t he a cutie-pie! He seems to be missing his 235897623985 friends, though.

While I was away I had the opportunity to swatch some of the things I’d been seeing around on the web but hadn’t had access to in-person, resulting in the swift (and merciful) release of some lemmings. Here are some things I didn’t buy while away:

Smashbox fall 2010 O-Gloss Noir: I was pretty much slavering over this one until I tested it and saw that it actually comes out of the container black (and yes, I know it has the word “noir” in it, but that’s usually not a literal descriptor for a lip product) and ends up being an utterly unremarkable shade on lips. The best product in the O- line is still the O-Gloss Shimmer, which came in the Smashbox Master’s Class kit. (And I really wish they would fix that. It’s a “master class,” not a “master’s class.”)

• The new Burberry line of cosmetics, available exclusively at Nordstrom’s. I’m not a huge fan of Burberry plaid, but the lipsticks are so cunningly molded that I couldn’t help but be tempted. They didn’t have the whole line out, and I’m sure there are some shades that might still end up calling to me, but I wasn’t as blown away by the products in person as I’d expected to be. This is good, because I hate being forced to buy at a counter with the attendant sales pressure. Eventually I may pick up something out of this line, but it’s not a must-have for me right now.

• As I mentioned on Monday, Stila Custom Color powder blush is another deflated lemming. It’s marketed as another of these “changes-when-it-hits-your-skin-to-be-the-perfect-pink-for-YOU” products, but as far as I can see, it just goes on a nice cool pale pink. Which is fine, and if you are in the market for a nice cool pale pink blush, then go right ahead and pick it up. But I can’t see it doing any serious pH-based magic.

• Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Pink Explosion. The first luxury beauty product I ever bought was a Chanel blush, and in retrospect I think it was the wrong color for me, but ever since then I’ve had a nostalgic little yearning in my heart for another one. Pink Explosion looked great, but when I got my paws on it in-store, I found that it was really hard to pick up any pigment either with a brush or with my fingers, and that what I did pick up had not nearly enough Pink and way too much Explosion (of glitter). That lemming will have to hang on until some other season, I guess. However, lots of other people must be loving it, because I can’t find any link to an online source other than eBay that’s still got it in stock. (It was in stock at all the department store counters I visited, though, so if you are interested I suggest you call your nearest Chanel counter.)


Becca is offering 25% off with code DC0810; ending date unknown on this one. Lots of their products are lovely; I’ve got a cream blush coming up for review in September or early October (it’s a fall shade so I’ve not done much more than test it at present).

Meow Cosmetics (an indie mineral makeup company) is offering 25% off with code PARTYON. Shipping is free over $60. Also no known end date for this one at the moment.

Philosophy is offering 15% off skincare through Friday 8/20 with code GREATSKIN.

Beauty360 (CVS’s niche/prestige cosmetics & skincare arm) is offering 20% off your Beauty360 or CVS online order with code SIZZLE. Again, no ending date known (but I’m guessing 8/31 for most of these at the latest).

Juara is offering 20% off through 8/31 with code SECRET20.

And for all of you MAC fans, the Fabulous Felines collection is set to release next Thursday, 8/26. Often products go up on the website a day or two before, so you might want to be looking out on Tuesday or Wednesday if you’ve got your eye on something you think is going to cause a flashmob (Stereo Rose, I’m looking at you).

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