Thursday Tossup: Er, Don’t Look Now, But It’s the Holidays Already; Sales

By Voxy  

I’m not sure what percentage of this is cloud and what percentage is silver lining.

Promotional materials for Holiday 2010 collections are starting to show up. Yes, I mean Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year’s. THOSE holidays.

Cloud: Holy crap, we’re just starting the fall semester!

Silver lining: Hey, by the time that season actually rolls around, the semester will be over! Wheee!!!

I let the first one or two go by without thinking about it, but now Guerlain, Clinique, Stila, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, Lancome, Dior, Clarins, Paul & Joe, Givenchy, and elf promo photos are already floating around the web; details will be coming out soon on MAC’s “A Tartan Tale” holiday collection; NARS holiday photos were leaked and quickly pulled … yep, here we go. If you are hoping Santa brings you a red lipstick this year I think you will have to give him a very specific list as it looks like there will be several stunning options from different brands (especially Bobbi Brown, Givenchy, and Clarins). There’s a lot of red and grey/silver in this year’s collections, along with the traditional gold sparkle. Clinique is doing some lovely pinks and browns, which they do very well and which is a nice contrast to the other collections so far. I’m going to wait to post photos until the products are closer to being released, mostly because I feel like we haven’t even really gotten started with fall yet. But if you want to see pics, you just have to go a-Googling and you’ll find some.

Also, dangit. I really want this. From Stila’s holiday 2010 collection:


From today through 8/29, The Body Shop is offering 20% off with code FF10. Shipping free with purchases over $50. Apparently 10 out of 10 mermaids surveyed (!) prefer their eco-conscious rainforest hair care. (I don’t write the news, folks, I just report it.)

Boscia is having a Customer Appreciation Week through 9/1: 20% off with code THANKYOU at checkout.

Previously announced sales still in progress:

Stila is still offering 20% off through 8/31 with code DERBYDOLLS • SkinStore is offering 20% off most brands (their usual exclusions apply) through 9/7 with code SUN20

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