Thursday Tossup: Being a Regular; Sales

By Voxy  

Do you like to be a regular?

(No, I did not say “do you like to be irregular?” — if you do, I think that Jamie Lee Curtis has a yogurt for you.)

Do you like to be known and recognized at your local Sephora or ULTA or other makeup store/counter?

I walked into ULTA today and saw the same saleswoman I talked to this past Sunday about a particular product. I am not big on being recognized in that way in commercial establishments — so as soon as someone says they have seen me there before or they remember me, I’m liable to stop ever going to that particular place again. Case in point: there is a Qdoba that is a very convenient stop between work and home, and I’m there a few times a month. The other day, when I made my usual order of a chicken burrito “but I need the plain rice that hasn’t had the cilantro mixed in it yet,” the young man behind the tortilla steamer said, “oh, you’re the one.”

Of course I can never go there again now.

Anyway, the ULTA woman walked over to “help” me, recognized me, and said, “I know you’ve shopped here before, but just let me know if you need any help.” I find this embarrassing for some reason. It’s probably my tiny touch of Avoidant Personality Disorder. I would rather just be Anonymous Unrecognizable Shopper #283756, thank you very much.

At the same time, there are probably benefits to being “in” with the locals. Could I get special deals? Hmm. I think one of the other things that bothers me is that if I develop an acquaintanceship with a sales associate I will feel pressured to buy stuff every time they’re in the store when I come in.

On an unrelated subject, I hear from my local Sephora sales associate that in the near future there may be a 1,000 point Beauty Insider perk package (to add to the 100-point and 500-point ones they already offer). So if you are like me and hoard your Beauty Bank points, there may be a new level of fabulosity coming to a Sephora store near you. Or, of course, online.


Not much new in the regular sales department. If you live in NYC, beauty brands and retailers are tripping over themselves trying to get your business for September 10th’s Fashion’s Night Out, which basically seems like Halloween trick-or-treating for beauty products. Those of us in the rest of the world merely get to watch from afar.

In a gesture that to this particular audience probably seems to just ooze irony, Bliss is offering 20% off all services to college students, because reading their syllabi and turning in their papers on time is evidently so stressful that they need to relax with a “fabulous facial,” a “must-have mani/pedi,” or a “painless-as-possible wax.” You have to show a college ID. No word on whether faculty IDs count, but I’d love to see us take over the spa world for a day. You can book through their website.

NARS is offering their usual 18% off (I’m sure there’s some reason why it’s 18%) on purchases of $60 or more through 9/18 with code 099CP0410.

Juara skincare is offering 10% off through 9/30 with code SEPT10.

Photo: and I really want that mask now.
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  1. avatar elsie
    Posted September 9, 2010 at 6:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m generally lonesome, so I appreciate being recognized as a regular. It’s a human connection, even if a minor one.


  2. avatar chaosbydesign
    Posted September 9, 2010 at 2:05 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I don’t like being recognised. I order pizza from Dominos now instead of the local pizza place that I prefer after the delivery guy commented that I had dyed my hair since he last saw me. Unnerving. Oh, and there was also the lady at the checkout at a grocery store I used to go to who asked me if I was feeling OK because I didn’t have any wine in my basket that day. Argh!

    I do wonder, though, if it could be an advantage in places like Sephora. If the sales associates get to know what sort of products you like they might make recommendations for you, point out new products you might not have otherwise noticed etc. Probably not something you’d need, Voxy, as you seem to manage that without any help but for the rest of us less knowledgeable types it can be easier if someone points things out. Not that the sales associate necessarily needs to know you to do that, of course: there was a very nice sales associate in one of the NYC Sephoras who not only got a Naked palette out of storage for me (none on the shelves) but also helped me pick out other things that suit me. This obviously resulted in me buying rather a lot more than I had intended, which I suppose is your point about feeling pressured to buy. I didn’t feel pressured, though. Actually it just meant I could blame the sales assistant for the amount of money I spent ;)


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