Review: Lancome Definicils High-Definition Mascara

By Voxy  

My relationship with mascara is probably more complicated than that of the majority of mascara users, and possibly even the tiniest bit pathological.

Having recently come to the end of a tube of Lights, Camera, Lashes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to play around with some mascaras I’d been meaning to test. I’ve been loving on LCL so long that I felt just a little anxious and disloyal trying another brand. Really! Actually anxious. I had to talk soothingly to my new and unopened tube of LCL and reassure it that I wasn’t going to leave it and that we weren’t even really “on a break.”

That doesn’t sound normal, does it? No, I didn’t think so.

First up: Lancome Definicils.

The nice thing about mascara samples is that you almost always get enough to actually test the product more than once. In some cases I have enough mini tubes to add up to more than a full-size product! My mini tube of Definicils has lasted several weeks now, although I haven’t worn it every day. It applies reasonably smoothly and is nice and black. The brush is the standard-looking mascara wand; it’s supposed to be patented but I haven’t been able to see what’s so earth-shattering about it. I prefer one coat for daytime wear, and it does one coat perfectly serviceably. It does seem to make my lashes clump more than LCL, though it’s not egregious by any means.

This mascara mostly removes with cleanser and water. The problem is that you can’t always tell whether it’s all off or not, until the next morning when you go to put mascara on again and your lashes are stiff and gritty. This hasn’t been too much of a problem, but it’s one I never have with LCL, which removes like a dream. With two coats of Definicils, I also got some flaking, and I’m not at all fond of the look. Very clumpy.

Naked lashes:

(Pfft! You can’t even see them!)

With one coat of Definicils, top lashes only:

With two coats on the top and one light coat on the bottom (I don’t usually put mascara on my bottom lashes, but I thought I would here just for kicks):

I’m good with one coat, but I had a hard time with the second one.


Lancome Definicils High-Definition Mascara: $24.50 for full-size product

Provenance: Sample with purchase.

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): For the full-size product, Good.

Purchase again? Meh. Many people like it and it’s won lots of awards, but I still prefer my LCL.

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Give a holler in the comments!)

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  1. avatar baz
    Posted October 2, 2010 at 2:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve got to say I love this mascara. It isn’t what I usually wear and I too have gotten many a sample which is nice.

    I usually wear Blink Kiss Me mascara of the tubes variety. I like this because I’ll inevitably rub my eyes while at school and end up with black splotches as eyes. I can NOT wear mascara in the morning unless it’s the tube variety. Period.

    On occasion I’ll put on something for night: Too Faced Lash Injection because I want big, fluffy lashes.

    However, I really like the Lancome because it gives me the “my lashes but better” phenomenon. It is so light. My lashes are short and sparse but quite dark except they seem to have a white haze around them, I mean, each lash. In any case. I like the Lancome for light mascara when I am already awake enough to not have to worry about rubbing my eyes.


  2. avatar marigolds
    Posted September 23, 2010 at 7:47 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Weird. It looks a teeny bit spikier than your usual look. (On a weird note: since I’ve been using that Albolene to take off makeup, my lashes have gotten HELLA long. Not as long as that creepy Belle du Jour lash-grow picture I sent you, but really a LOT longer and thicker, despite wearing waterproof mascara daily. I don’t know whether it’s the Albolene taking EVERYTHING off so they don’t break, or if it’s somehow helping them grow [?!], but it’s definitely not my imagination.) I’m going to do the Tarte stuff, solely on your rec, when the Maybelline Full n Soft runs out.


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted September 23, 2010 at 9:16 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Hmm… I might ask you to report some more on that Albolene.

      Yes, that pic did come out a little spiky, didn’t it? I wore it again today and was wondering how it compared with the pic in this post; I decided it was slightly less spiky but I still prefer LCL. I’ll use up the rest of the sample tube of Definicils, and I’m also testing a couple of other samples I have, but I would be surprised if I made a major switch at this point. But you never know.


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