Thursday Tossup: Bad Beauty Habits, Sales

By Voxy  

Packing this one away for next year’s New Year’s Beauty Resolutions: put things back where you found them.

I have a terrible habit of not doing this. It used to be that it was only with clothes and shoes, and while that led eventually to the formation of not just individual mountains but whole mountain ranges of gently-worn clothing rising up from my bedroom floor, I was able to live with that. I had it under control. I could quit anytime.

Recently, however, I’ve begun doing the same thing with beauty products. Not only is my makeup area an uncharacteristic mess, but I keep putting products in my purse to use for touchups during the day and then not taking them out at night and putting them away. This was brought home to me the other night when, while hanging out at a local pub, I upended my purse and eighteen — EIGHTEEN! — lip products fell out. Not coincidentally, my purse has been feeling awfully heavy lately. (OK, one of those lip items was my Guerlain Rouge G, which by itself weighs like 20 pounds, so that’s gotta be a contributing factor.)

I’m going to try to actually start acting on this resolution now rather than waiting for New Year’s, but I wouldn’t take any bets if I were you.

How about you guys? Any bad beauty habits you’d like to break?


Dermadoctor is offering 20% off through 10/6 with code 20SAVER. Some exclusions apply. is offering 30% off through 10/31 with code SIMPLE. B-Glowing carries lots of brands that we don’t talk about very much here, mostly just because they’re less easy to get hold of, like Paul & Joe Beauté. If I have any money left at the end of the month I will probably be scooping up an item or two from Paul & Joe.

If you were jonesing for the Sephora Collection Endless Color Blockbuster palette last year but missed it due to rapid sellout (or if you just want a full face of Sephora brand makeup for under $50), it’s back in stock at I don’t know what the quantities are but if you want it I’d order sooner rather than later. I’m not wild about Sephora brand cosmetics, but if you’re looking to play with different colors or try new things, this is a relatively inexpensive kit considering how much product you get. Plus, there’s a giveaway: “Each 2010 SEPHORA COLLECTION Collector’s Edition Makeup Palette includes a silver ticket that automatically enters you in the SEPHORA COLLECTION Silver Ticket Sweepstakes. Hang on to it and visit on January 1, 2011 to see if you have the winning silver ticket. Whoever has it will receive the Grand Prize, a $1,000 Sephora shopping spree, one-year supply of SEPHORA COLLECTION products, and more.” (See the website for full terms and conditions.)

Also, just as a PSA, Sephora’s Friends & Family sale usually happens in late October/early November, so if you’re thinking of placing an order for something but can live without it for a few more weeks, you might want to wait until the sale. It’s usually 20% off.

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  1. avatar a biologist
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 7:09 pm | Permalink | Reply

    My bad habit is owning different products, including samples, but using the same products every day. I’m not a morning person–hence my years of no beauty routine at all–so I don’t like to experiment in the morning. I’m trying to break the habit by taking a weekend day to use my samples and practice with new products so I actually use them.

    Thanks for the heads up about the F&F sale. I have some trial night creams I haven’t used yet (of course), so I’ll wait to purchase one until the sale.


  2. avatar elsie
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 5:21 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The bad beauty habit I’m working hard to break is not washing my make-up off at night. I’m doing better, but I have to remind myself.


  3. avatar chaosbydesign
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 7:21 am | Permalink | Reply

    I keep putting products in my purse to use for touchups during the day and then not taking them out at night and putting them away

    I have a bad habit of doing this with coats in the car. I take a new one to the car every morning, don’t use it during the day, and forget to take it out when I get home. Every couple of weeks I’ll bring them all back when I have run out of coats in the house. I am actually good at confining mess to the car and the walk-in cupboard (which is no longer ‘walk-in’ on account of the increasingly large pile of junk on the floor — last week I opened it and a saw fell out).

    When it comes to bad beauty habits, I have far too many. The worst one is probably bad eyebrow maintenence. I either take off far too much or not enough. I hate them. Also I keep leaving the sponge in my loose powder, so when I go to use it the sponge is saturated in powder and it spills everywhere as I try to get most of it off and back in the pot. This can be a problem if I do my makeup after getting dressed. That powder makes a real mess of clothes.


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