Thursday Tossup: Sephora F&F Check-In, and Other Sales, I Guess

By Voxy  

All right, ladies, the Sephora F&F sale is more than half over. Raise your hand if you’ve placed an order.

Yes, thank you, Lady Liberty. Now, raise your hand if you’ve placed two orders.

Huh. Okay, raise your hand if you’ve placed two orders and are working on a third.

What, only me?

I’ve done some restocking of staples and some experimentation with new brands and products I haven’t tried before. (My new favorite lippie: NARS Petit Monstre, new for their holiday 2010 collection. Review to follow as soon as I can snap a lip swatch.)

So, spill it. What’d you get? Or, what’re you getting? In addition to the NARS lippie, I’ve picked up a Korres blush that I have turned out to love, an Illamasqua pigment, and the new LORAC Box Office Sensation train case/palette, which ought to keep me busy for quite awhile. Oh, and a couple of brushes.

Sorry we’ve been short on reviews lately. Grading and course prep have been eating my life. Again. It happens every semester.


So in case you missed it, the Sephora F&F sale lasts through 11/3; checkout code FF2010 gets you 20% off, online only.

Dermadoctor is offering 20% off through 11/2 with code SPOOKY. Some exclusions apply; see site for details.

ULTA is offering 20% off online through 10/30 with coupon code 47139. HOWEVER — there are lots of exclusions for the online deal. There is also a paper coupon that some ULTA customers have received for in-store use that has only a few exclusions, so it’s a much better deal if you can get one. (For whatever reason, I didn’t get one, but my mother did. Go figure.)

This one’s not a sale, but MAC’s A Tartan Tale holiday collection launched online yesterday and launches in-store today, so if you’ve been waiting for that, the curtain is officially up. I am not ordering anything from this collection except a backup of the Petrol Blue pearlglide eyeliner pencil. This pencil is limited edition, originally appeared with MAC Art Supplies collection, and was just re-released with A Tartan Tale. I love this eyeliner and it’s the one I use in almost all of my blue-eye looks.

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  1. avatar a biologist
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I bought my skin care for the fall. The fun stuff: 2 Sephora nano eye pencils in gray and plum and a Fresh plum sheer lippie. Yes, I love the plum trend Voxified for work-appropriateness.

    I also got the big points bonus, which is a set from Bare Escentuals. I’m having excellent results with their mineral powder foundation, so I wanted to try more.


  2. avatar a biologist
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 8:37 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I’m not familiar with Lancome, so I just looked up Bi-Facil. The site says it has a “cult following” but not much else. What do you like about it specifically?

    That sounds like a pretty amazing GWP.


    • avatar Relationalista
      Posted October 28, 2010 at 11:10 pm | Permalink | Reply

      I admit to being pretty darned pleased with my GWP (and, in this case, wouldn’t have P’d if the G hadn’t been part of the deal). Apparently Lancome does these things periodically (not just in Canada), so it’s worth keeping an eye out if you’re interested.

      Anything with a “cult following” will have as many detractors as fans. I finally tried Bi-Facil a while ago when I found it at a seriously reduced price (not, obviously, at a Lancome counter; I had heard the fanfare but it’s expensive stuff) and really like that it’s gentle, removes eye makeup well and quickly, and doesn’t leave an oily residue (which was probably the factor that surprised me most). It’s a “two-phase” cleanser, which means that it needs to be shaken well to blend the two layers before use; I wasn’t crazy about a previous eye makeup remover that I had tried using that type of formulation, so was generally trying (for no other good reason) to avoid those, but this blends well enough that I don’t need to shake it again before doing eye #2. In all honesty, I still think that baby oil (or any other oil) will do an excellent job of removing eye makeup, but those are heavy and leave a thick residue that can be a problem for some people’s skin. This feels lighter, does not dry out the eye area or leave any noticeable residue, has just a mild (and, in my opinion, very pleasant) scent, and doesn’t irritate my eyes (some may have different experiences, but I have no irritation or even temporary blurring of vision if any gets into my eyes as I do with oils). I don’t wear waterproof mascara as often as I used to but I usually wear waterproof/smudge-proof eyeliner, and this stuff removes it all beautifully — the caveat being that some products just seem to have more tenacity than others and may need an extra swipe. I don’t wear exceedingly heavy eye makeup but do wear it much more frequently than I used to, and so I like knowing that something will work reliably well and easily and not require a lot of extra time or effort when I’m exhausted and just wanting to already be in bed and asleep but still need to remove my eye goop.

      It’s good stuff, but spending that kind of money on an eye makeup remover does seem rather excessive to me; it’s more than I’ve spent on virtually any other product (barring my Kiehl’s skin care regime which I buy in much bigger bottles for comparable sums of money). It’s $34 Canadian, and I think $26 in the US. But it lasts a very long time and does a good job, and if you can get it for less money (at a CCO or some such) or use it to leverage other new and exciting little acquisitions (see above, re: GWP), then I’d recommend it. And if you can get a sample so you can try it before shelling out the cash, so much the better.


      • avatar a biologist
        Posted October 28, 2010 at 11:18 pm | Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the review! I have not found an eye makeup remover that I am happy with, and now I’m wearing eye makeup every day so it’s an issue. I will keep an eye out for a good GWP. I’m willing to pay so much for the “perfect” item but not for something that is no better than what I pick up at Target.


  3. avatar Relationalista
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 4:12 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I fully intended to place an order. I even loaded up my virtual shopping basket. But I was foiled yet again by being in Canada, where the F&F sale does not currently exist, it seems. This was disappointing, but also attended (yet again) by the realization that it’s probably just as well since I can admire The Commitment and Prowess of The Voxy, but I am not and cannot be her. Sigh.

    I will be in the US next week, however, and since prices there are generally much better than on this side of the Great Lakes, I may just have to avail myself (read: remove my wallet) anyway.

    But, I did get a good gift with purchase haul the other day at a Lancome counter. I actually paid full price for Bi-Facils so I could get the GWP, which included a lipstick (a colour I’ll actually wear), an eyeshadow quad (which I chose over the blush option), mascara and mascara base, a mini-bottle of Bi-Facils (chosen over body lotion), spf 15 face cream, eye cream and a cosmetic bag (the least interesting item, of course). I felt pretty good about that little stash acquisition.


    • avatar Voxy
      Posted October 28, 2010 at 11:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

      Oooh, that is a mighty good GWP.

      (I wish that they would just stop the practice of including cosmetics bags as part of GWPs. 99 times out of 100 they’re terrible, and for the one time they’re not, you could just as easily have bought something that is a size, shape, and design of your own choosing.)

      I keep thinking about buying some Bi-Facil, but I just don’t use eye makeup remover often enough to warrant the purchase. I am, as always, open to convincing, however…


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