Review: NARS Lipstick in Petit Monstre

By Voxy  

With Halloween so close, it seems appropriate to be reviewing a lippie called “Little Monster.” Rrawr!
::makes clawing gestures::

This is brand-spanking new from NARS, and is being released with their Holiday 2010 collection. Online at Sephora it is not listed as “limited edition,” and I really hope it is permanent, although considering how long it takes me to go through a lipstick, it will be months or years before I need another one. This is my new favorite lippie and I find myself trying to put together particular clothing and makeup looks just so I can wear it. (I don’t believe in being matchy-matchy in terms of exact shades, but I do believe in coordinating color families; if I’m wearing bronzes and rust-colored clothing, I’m not going to slap on a cool pink blush and lippie.)

The shade is really difficult to describe. “Terracotta” sounds too orange. “Berried brown” or “browned berry” (both of which I have seen/heard used in descriptions) make it seem either pinky-brown or browny-pink, and I can’t find “pink” anywhere in here. Maybe “saffron”?

Although you get the same 0.12 oz that is pretty standard among lipsticks, the packaging is sleeker and tighter and has a noticeably smaller footprint, or whatever we would call it when thinking about how many lippies you could reasonably expect to stuff into your purse at one time. So it looks smaller than your average lipstick (and Guerlain Rouge G positively dwarfs it), but it contains the same amount as a lipstick by Givenchy or Guerlain or Make Up For Ever.

I was a little leery of ordering it for fear that it would be drying, like some NARS lipsticks are, but it is not, at least when topped with gloss. On the other hand, it’s not particularly moisturizing either, so I guess overall it’s a wash. Wearlength over primer and without gloss is about 3 hours, but I do find that my lips feel a bit tight after an hour or two, so I usually plop a clear gloss on top right after application. I’ve tried it with a few peach or bronze glosses as well and it works nicely.


On the hand:

Naked lip:

Lip with NARS Petit Monstre, no gloss:

Lip with NARS Petit Monstre, with clear gloss:


NARS Lipstick in Petit Monstre: $24 (also available at Sephora; F&F sale runs through 11/3)

Provenance: Purchased.

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): Excellent. A great product in a flattering shade at a not-too-outrageous price.

Purchase again? Yes, although I do still like to test in-store to see if the formula is drying. I’m open to trying other NARS shades, though.

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Give a little monster yell in the comments!)

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