Monday Mix: Smells Like Eyjafjallajökull, and Sales

By Voxy  

What is the best way to commemorate an act of nature that disrupted travel and commerce in most of Western Europe for several weeks?

Why, give it its own perfume, of course! Duh.

Icelandic perfume brand Gydja has decided, in their infinite wisdom, that people would like to own a perfume made with water from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. I guess so this is so they can fondly remember those days of being stuck in airports. So they’re creating a new fragrance, called Efj — which is, apparently, a nickname for the volcano, though since I don’t speak Icelandic I can’t say for sure, nor do I have the first clue how to pronounce it.

Mmm, volcano. Yummy. (Apparently it will be a citrusy fragrance, which is better than ash, smoke, scorched earth, and airport terminal.)


If you were waiting for an end-of-the-month paycheck to go wild at Sephora‘s Friends & Family sale, I’m pleased to announce that you still have until Wednesday 11/3 to do it!

Or, if you prefer, they are having their own 20%-off F&F sale starting Tuesday 11/2 and running through Friday 11/5. There will probably be a special link that you have to click through. I’ll post it when I have it!

Korres also has an F&F sale of 20% off going on until Tuesday 11/11 with code (you guessed it) FF2010.

Today is the last day of SkinStore‘s 20% off F&F sale; use code AUTUMN20.

HauteLook has Urban Decay on Monday 11/1 and blinc on Wednesday 11/3. All sales begin at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific.

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