Thursday Tossup: Ow, My Removable Wallet! and, Sales

By Voxy  

This week has hit me like a brick a ton of bricks a whole freaking house worth of bricks. I am continuing to smear makeup on my face before I leave the house in the morning, but writing sparkly little posts about it is kind of beyond me right this second. And a review that says “Mmmf. Blargh. Mascara looks crappy all over face. Stupid applicator. Hate you…” is, well, not super-helpful.

(No real mascaras were ridiculed in the creation of that hypothetical review.)

So here are some sales, if you can bear to look at them. For me, the morning after the Sephora F&F sale is over is not unlike waking up on New Year’s Day after a night of celebratory debauchery and having someone say, “here, have a tomato egg cream!” Bleah. I feel mildly ill and am full of virtuous resolution to live Puritanically for the foreseeable future (or, for the next week, whichever is longer).


Clarins is having a F&F sale of their own: 20% off (and free shipping) through 11/16 with code CLARINSFF.

Korres is also having an F&F sale: 20% off through 11/11 with code FF2010.

And, of course, there’s the F&F sale: it’s the usual 20% off, through 11/5 at 11:59 pm Pacific time. Click through this link to access the sale. (I’ve also heard you can use code BTY20 but haven’t tried it. Usually their F&F sales are click-through-link sales rather than checkout codes, but give it a try.) is offering 20% off through 11/7 with code BESTSKIN20. There are a couple of brand exclusions.

L’Occitane is offering 15% off through 11/7 with code INVITE15.

HauteLook has Juara skincare today starting at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific. On Monday they’ll have Rock & Republic beauty. Rock & Republic is also offering 50% off on their cosmetics online with code ROCKCOSMETICS — the makeup portion of the brand is being discontinued, and they are trying to get rid of their remaining stock.

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  1. avatar marigolds
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 11:45 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Those are really cute little bricks.

    I’m sorry things suck. Worst time of the semester, and it sounds like other crap too? I “bleargh” with you in sympathy, my friend.


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