Thursday Tossup: (Smells Like) Texasssssssssssss!, Sales

By Voxy  

I have a dear friend (who probably thinks I’ve fallen off the face of the planet) who lives in Texas. This is not her choice, but her husband has a job there that he really likes, so for the foreseeable future, that’s where she’s stuck. On the all-too-rare occasions when I talk to her on the phone (the all-too-rare-ness of which is entirely my fault), we usually greet each other by the names of the states in which we live, since that used to be all that would show up on our caller ID. For example, when she lived in San Francisco, I used to call her “California,” and when they moved to Nashville for her husband’s medical residency, she became “Tennessee.” But she dislikes Texas so much, and has told me so many horror stories, that I just can’t bear to enthusiastically call her “Texasssssssss!” in the manner of William Shatner in Miss Congeniality, which I would otherwise love to do.

However, if it weren’t so dang expensive, I would consider buying her this horrendous bottle of perfume, just as a joke. This is Bond No. 9’s new and exclusive scent called (guess!) “Texas.” Only 400 bottles are being produced (thank God) and it is available via Saks for the low low price of $360. To be fair (ha!), some of the cost is attributable to the fact that perfectly innocent Swarovski crystals were harmed in the construction of that bottle.

What does it smell like? Well, Fragrantica has the following to say: “Opening notes incorporate: mandarin, bergamot, black currant, pineapple leaves. A heart beats in floral rhythm of jasmine, gardenia, Hedione, neroli and lily of the valley, while base notes close the composition with vanilla, vetiver, cardamom, musk and oakmoss.” The Houston Press is slightly more cynical, and has an amusing take on the fragrance here. Heh.


If you are a Sephora VIB, the VIB-only 20% off sale starts today and runs through Monday 11/15. Online code: VIB20. You should also have gotten this info via email, and you can print out the email for use in-store (or bring the coupon you got in the mail).

Boscia is holding an F&F sale with 25% off any purchase excluding kits. Runs through Monday 11/5 with code FNF2010.

We are right around the corner from the official start of the holiday shopping season (what do you think, should I make another midnight Black Friday cosmetics excursion?), so there are likely to be other sales cropping up soon.

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