Real or Fake? “Jihad Cosmo” Mixes Beauty with Machine Guns & Martyrdom

By Voxy  

What? … you are probably saying. Wait. — What?

Yes, my little Maharanis of Mascara, my Sultanas of Shadow, my Begums of Blush. The media wing of Al-Qa’ida has apparently (and keep that word in mind) launched a new glossy periodical aimed at Muslim women, in which beauty tips (for women who are not allowed to show their faces, natch) are mixed in with etiquette advice and housekeeping tips … oh, and how to marry a jihadist.

The new magazine is called Al-shamika, which according to The Independent roughly means “The majestic woman,” and its first issue bears a small image of a burqa-clad woman on the cover, along with a MUCH LARGER image of machine guns.

Content includes “The Female Martyr,” “Marrying a Jihadist,” and “Meeting a Jihad Wife.” On the lighter side, there’s a housekeeping article entitled “Your House is Your Kingdom.” (Probably should read “Your House is Your Husband’s Kingdom,” but I digress.) The Independent also says this issue contains recipes for honey face masks and a warning against going outside alone “towelling too forcibly.”

There seems to be some disagreement over whether the magazine is actually “real” or not, in terms of it being a production of Al-Qa’ida. Slate, for instance, says no, but I’ll let you argue it out. In the meanwhile, want to read the table of contents? Of course you do.

(And if you read Arabic, and I hope someone does, you can see the scanned pages of the publication here. A summary from someone who can actually read it would be most welcome.)
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  1. avatar chaosbydesign
    Posted March 18, 2011 at 5:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I totally thought I’d already commented on this.

    I know someone in the lab who would be able to translate the Arabic. He might wonder why I’m asking him to do it, but if we get no other Arabic-translators commenting then I will ask him.


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