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By Voxy  

To the list of fabulous Polish things that have made their way to the US — including kielbasa, the music of Chopin, and my great-grandparents — let us please add Inglot Cosmetics, an extensive and impressive brand with an enormous range of products and overall very high quality. Since I am partially of Polish descent, I’m happy to see this brand starting to get wider exposure, especially now that they offer online ordering.

At the moment, Inglot has only five brick-and-mortar stores in the US: NYC, Paramus (NJ), Las Vegas, Miami, and Newport Beach. I don’t live in any of these places, so getting my hands on some products was next to impossible. But a few months ago, Inglot rolled out an online ordering system, thus (theoretically) putting their entire range of cosmetics within my foxalicious grasp.

With great excitement, I placed an online order and started drooling in anticipation of the gorgeousness soon to grace my doorstep. When the package arrived, unfortunately, two items were missing. As soon as I opened it up and saw this, I used the “contact” form on Inglot’s online-ordering site to contact the company and let them know about the omission. Unfortunately, this didn’t get me a response, which I attribute to the online ordering system being brand spanking new and not having all the kinks worked out of it yet.

Around this time, Marigolds made a trip to NYC and visited the NYC Inglot store in person, where she picked up some items for me. Well, she picked them up, and then she left them at the counter. ;)  The kind folks at the NYC Inglot store agreed to send them to me, so I had to call them and give them my address. While I had someone on the phone, I asked if she could help me with the problem with my original order (even though the NYC store doesn’t itself handle the online orders). I explained that I’d tried to use the web contact form twice and although it appeared to go through, I hadn’t had any response. The young lady on the other end of the phone said, “No worries— I’ll send them an email myself from my company account and ask them to fix it for you.” She took all my info and sent the email while I was on the phone with her.

Some more time goes by, and my doorstep remains sadly ungraced by gorgeousness. Finally I end up sending an email to the address from which my order notification was sent. Often those addresses are no-reply addies, but considering I’d been through all the other options, it seemed worth a try.

Success! I immediately received a horrified email from Inglot and literally seconds later a shipping notice that they were shipping out the remaining items to me overnight. When I received the package, they had also thrown in some extras: a cream blush, a lip gloss, and a swanky Inglot tote bag. And someone called me over the weekend to check to see if I had received it and whether everything was all right.

Now that is good customer service. The first couple of messages had clearly gotten lost in cyberspace, but as soon as a message actually got through to the company, they handled it with blazing speed, absolute professionalism, and thoughtfulness. Not only did they send an extra cream blush and lip gloss, but someone there looked at my order and clearly thought about what to send me. The products that were missing from my original order were an eyeshadow palette (empty) and a cool pink liquid blush — so whoever put my new package together chose a cream blush and a lipgloss that were also cool pink. I was impressed. Someone took the time to really think about that. Extra points in my book!

Mistakes happen all the time, and the way a company handles them when they do happen is often a really informative indicator of the company ethos. I was very impressed, and Inglot has won me as a customer for a long time. (I didn’t tell them I was a beauty blogger, but I will send them a link to this review because I want them to know that that meant a lot to me. So, thanks, Inglot!)

They also are the first winners of an award I have never given out on the blog before: the Least Wasteful Packaging award. All three boxes that eventually came to my house (the original order, the items from Marigolds’ trip, and the replacement items) were small and tightly packed, with no wasted materials or space. Considering the generally egregious packaging I so often see from other brands, this earns them a special gold star.

I’ll be doing individual reviews on most of the products I ordered, but let me give you an overview of what I have and my general thoughts, both pro and con:

1. Eyeshadows: Great range of colors (including the fabulous orange shade #10 that I am totally crushing on this season). Excellent staying power. Easily blended. Unfortunately, lots of fallout on application if you’re using them dry, so prepare the undereye area appropriately beforehand and do your eyes before the rest of your face. They’ll need to revamp the online color swatch database because the swatches do not accurately depict the colors of any of the products they offer.

2. Liquid blushes: Love them. Great color. Long-lasting. Excellent wear. Easy to apply. Very blendable. Pump works well to dispense the right amount of product. Nothing not to like here.

3. Cream blushes: Love them too, just as much as the liquid. I love that they’re in minimal packaging. Some brands would take the same size pot and stick it in a big fiberglass square (*cough* YSL *cough*). Inglot just gives you the pot of product — it’s lighter, easier to slip in your purse or pack for travel, and wastes fewer environmental resources. This makes me unbelievably happy.

4. Powder blushes: These are good but don’t rock my world in the same way as the liquids and creams — but then again cream and liquid blushes have always had my heart. The powder blushes are especially hard to buy unswatched, I think, since they don’t show up on skin the way you think they will based on either the online swatch or just by looking at the pan.

5. Lip gloss: I have two different kinds of their gloss options: the AMC Lip Gloss (pictured at left), which is sheer and shiny, and the Sleeks lip gloss (this was one of the freebies), which is thicker and more like sugary frosting.


I’d like to explore their lipsticks and eyeliners, but haven’t done so yet.

You can expect future reviews from me on each of these categories of product. The product quality is really excellent and the customer service exceptional. Dziękuję, Inglot!

(I hope that means “thank you.” I take no responsibility for international diplomatic incidents that may result from errors with Google Translate.)

If you want to brave the world of Inglot online ordering, you can do it here. They ship to the US and Australia at present.

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