Guest Post! Review: Urban Decay Naked 2

By Voxy  

Guest post and photos by Chaos!


Since picking up my Naked palette (the original version) after searching for it in at least four Sephoras across two separate continents, I have not left the house without it. While this shows how much I love the thing, and also helps me justify my purchase of a new $50 friend for it, I am bringing it up because one of the things that really bothers me about the original Naked palette is that it is not really designed for carrying around. For a start, the packaging is velvety and so it picks up all the crap that lurks at the bottom of my bag, and the gold lettering across the front started to wear off pretty quickly. Also, it does not stay closed, meaning that the brush I store in it often comes out, and if the palette ends up too close to papers, they end up with a little more color on them than papers really should have. All this has changed with Naked2 – it is packaged in a metal case which clicks shut meaning it, my brush, and my papers will be safe from the horror that is the inside of my work bag.  This is good.

Speaking of brushes, the Naked2 palette comes with a really nice double-ended shadow and crease brush which, unlike many brushes that come with palettes, is actually usable. I did my whole eye with just the one brush when I was playing with this yesterday, so it should eliminate my need to carry three separate brushes with me. (I think I have re-applied my makeup while out about twice, however I feel… naked… without it in my bag just in case I need it, so I do carry it around slightly unnecessarily at all times.)

The colors (which can be seen in the swatches) are as follows:

Foxy: A beige/slightly yellow matte which is almost exactly the color of my skin

Half-Baked: Metallic gold (this one is also in the original Naked)

Bootycall: Shimmery beige, a little lighter than Foxy

Chopper: Glittery metallic bronze

Tease: Matte light brown

Snakebite: Shimmery dark brown (although this goes on more matte than it looks like it will)

Suspect: Shimmery light brown

Pistol: Shimmery dark brown, a little cooler than Snakebite

Verve: Shimmery greyish brown (this one is my favorite)

YDK (I do not know what this stands for, and that bothers me): Shimmery light copper

Busted: Matte dark brown

Blackout: Very black

Only Half-Baked is a repeat from Naked, and I am actually OK with UD putting that one in again – it goes very nicely with most of the other Naked2 shadows, so it makes sense to have it there ready to use without having to pick up another palette. (Yes, yes, I am lazy.) None of the other colors are so similar to the original Naked that you wouldn’t need want to own both. The shades in Naked2 are a lot cooler than Naked, which works better with my skin tone, and there are also more lighter shades in Naked2 which makes it a nicer palette for looks that are work appropriate.

There are not many bad things to say about this palette, but I would like to point out that I personally think they should have included a deeper brown shade instead of Blackout. Busted, the darkest brown in the palette, does not go on *quite* as nicely as the other shades, and Blackout is really too black to be used as anything other than a liner. While I occasionally do use black eyeshadow as a liner, UD itself makes such awesome liners that I am unlikely to do that on a regular basis, so I probably won’t get much use out of Blackout, and I am more likely to use Darkhorse from the original Naked if I want a dark brown instead of Busted. But 10 great shades out of 12 ain’t bad.

Naked2 also comes with a pink lip gloss which is a ‘meh’ shade on me, but tastes awesome, so if you feel like putting something on your lips just to lick it right off again, that gloss is for you.

Overall, Naked2 is really good value for the price, and you’re getting a great selection of shades. I recommend it especially for those of you who found the original Naked shades too warm – you’ll definitely find these shades easier to work with.

More photos and swatches!


Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette: $50

Provenance: Purchased.

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): Excellent. It costs $50, which I believe is $6 more than the original Naked. Without taking into account that it comes with a brush, that’s just over $4 per shadow. You won’t find $4 shadows this nice elsewhere.

Purchase again? Yes. Not for a while, because they last a long time, but I would definitely buy it again if it ran out.

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  1. avatar ab_grp
    Posted February 25, 2012 at 9:10 am | Permalink | Reply

    After limited testing, I like Chopper as a one-stop shadow for busy days. Also: I agree that the new palette design is nice when on the go!


  2. avatar chaosbydesign
    Posted February 20, 2012 at 7:41 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Wowzers, you are really talented. I can’t be that precise in my eye makeup application. I make a mess each and every time. But you know, I keep on trying. I watch lots of videos and still end up looking like I have a black eye, except in fanciful colors. I wonder what my students think.

    What brushes are you using? I find that having good brushes makes a huge difference to how eyeshadow goes on. I should mention that the images here were not the first attempt — I think I re-did it three times before I got it to look like that. Keep trying with the videos; I only recently figured out how to apply eyeshadow the best way for my eye shape, and that makes a big difference as well. A lot of the videos I tried to copy before were done by people who have different shaped eyes from mine, which meant the looks never *quite* worked on my eyes. See if you can find videos done by someone who has similar eyes to you — that really helped me figure out where exactly I needed to put the shadow.


  3. avatar merce
    Posted February 19, 2012 at 1:18 am | Permalink | Reply

    Wowzers, you are really talented. I can’t be that precise in my eye makeup application. I make a mess each and every time. But you know, I keep on trying. I watch lots of videos and still end up looking like I have a black eye, except in fanciful colors. I wonder what my students think.


  4. avatar ab_grp
    Posted February 18, 2012 at 2:28 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Super review, swatches, and pics, Chaos! I have only played around with the palette a little bit so far, but I’ll give it a more focused try this evening for our dinner out.


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