Review: Clarins Instant Light Blush in 02 Coral Tonic

By Voxy  

When I bought the first of the aforementioned squee-worthy Clarins Crystal Lip Balms, I wanted to add something else to the order to qualify for a free-gift-with-minimum-$40-purchase offer. (Side note: Clarins has really excellent free sampling on the website — they have trial sizes of almost all their skincare products, and they are all available to you all the time. None of this “choose from the following 9 products” business that Sephora does.)

These Instant Light Blushes have been all the rage this spring. I vacillated when I saw them at the counter a few weeks ago, but since I was placing an order anyway, I decided to give them a go. They come in three shades: the pink one (Vitamin Pink) was sold out, the brown one (Brown Fizz) was too dark, so I went with shade 02 Coral Tonic.

You know what a sucker I am for a cream or gel blush; this is actually sort of a mousse-like consistency. I dislike the packaging. It comes packaged like a lip gloss: the product is in a well at the bottom of the tube, and the cap has an applicator attached that you are supposed to use to apply the stuff. You can’t get a brush into the well of product, so you’re kind of stuck with the applicator. It’s not bad, but I don’t like being forced to use it. It’s also going to be hard to get every last bit out of the container.

The applicator is similar to a doe-foot lipgloss applicator, but wider and shaped like a paddle. I don’t actually use the paddle on my cheeks directly; I either dab the product on my fingers and apply that way, or I smear some on the back of my hand and pick it up with a brush.

Here is the great thing about this blush, especially for those of you who like a light touch or who are afraid of developing Krazy Klown Face — it is virtually impossible to overapply this product. It is very sheer. You can build the color to a nice respectable glowy level, but it would be really difficult to go too far.

It lasted very well through a long workday; some minor fading by the end of the day, but overall it performed quite well indeed. An excellent blush for anyone, and a particularly good starter blush for people who want to try out a cream or mousse blush.

More pics and swatches!

The paddle applicator:

Heavily applied:


Blended out:


Clarins Instant Light Blush in shade 02 Coral Tonic: $28

Provenance: Purchased

Price/Value Ratio (high-end: poor/fair/good/excellent): fair

Purchase again? Maybe! The pink looks nice; it was, of course, the first one to sell out.

(Have you used this product? Love it? Hate it? Want it? Give a holler in the comments!)

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