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Skincare and Makeup for Academic Glamazons, Library Geeks, and Everyone In-Between

This is not a blog that’s out to tell women in academia that they should always wear lipstick to class or sport three-inch red heels in the research lab. We are keenly aware of the difficulties female academics face in balancing the many facets of their identities, both in the work environment, with students and colleagues, and in their personal lives. But from conversations elsewhere on the interwebs, it seems that there are a lot of women within academia who are (or are becoming) interested in skincare and makeup. Some of these women have been glamazons from birth, others are cultivating an interest in natural or organic products, and still others are just now trying mascara for the first time. So, if you are someone who’s never worn makeup but want to find something to cover up those dark circles from too many nights in the lab, or want to know what kind of sunscreen is best to preserve that hard-earned “library-chic” pallor, or wonder whether it’s OK to wear sparkly purple eyeshadow and fake lashes to class (I say YES) (kidding), then you might enjoy hanging out here.

This site will feature product reviews (by myself and by others), how-to’s, skincare info, news tidbits from the industry I think might interest you, and responses to your questions, comments, and requests for reviews. (Yes, I know there’s not supposed to be an apostrophe in “how-to’s” — I just can’t bring myself to write it without one. It looks weird.) In addition to skincare and makeup, expect an occasional excursion into spa treatments, fragrance, fashion, and possibly shoes.

In accordance with FTC regulations, the provenance of each item reviewed will be fully disclosed (new or previous purchase, free sample, provided by company, etc.). See the Review Guidelines for complete information.

Since this blog sprang from an academic community, I anticipate that most of its readers and commenters will be women in academia. Of course, others are welcome, and men are welcome too! See the commenting policy for details.

Who the heck is Voxy anyway?

I’m a college professor and lover of All Things Girly who adored makeup long before I actually figured out how to use it. I adore cosmetics because a) I love playing with color and line, and 2) I like seeing how I can emphasize different features in different ways to change my look and experiment with different ways of being in the world, which I think is fascinating. Oh, and most importantly: iii) cosmetics are fun. I like both the über-sophisticated and the ultra-cute. While I love high-end brands, I’m also a sucker for a great drugstore product. I refer to Sephora as “the mothership.” I think deconstructing product marketing language is fun. I think that wearing cosmetics is not inconsistent with being a strong, smart, independent woman (in academia or otherwise), and I wear them for myself, not for anyone else. I am incapable of hiding my opinions (sorry), which means that if I think a product stinks, you’re going to know about it. By the same token, if I love a product, I am likely to gush about it.

For reference, I am in my late 30s, brunette, with NW20 skin that tends towards the dry. I think there are not enough blogs that deal with skincare and makeup for women who are not 22 (and let’s face it — when you’re 22 you can smear crayon on your face and pull it off as a look). I do not need to read reviews of anti-aging products written by those 22-year-olds. I am also not interested in promoting every new line that comes down the pike unless it is truly drool-worthy. I talk about both old standbys and new products, from high-end and mass-market drugstore brands to small indie companies and e-tailers.

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