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More Letters to Cosmetics Companies

Dear Dior: I know that “lip crayon” is probably not the most appealing of terms, even though that’s what these products most resemble. I can understand why you might have sat ’round your Swarovsky-crystal-studded conference table and looked for a new name. I’m sure it was a long meeting that required many deliveries of lobster […]

What Is With the Spring Makeup Collection Photos?

All right, lookit. I’m as eager as anyone else for warmer temperatures and skies that are not the color of stainless steel, but I’m not really sure that these photos that makeup brands have put out to promote their Spring 2013 collections make me want to rush out to my local makeup counter — and […]

Review: YSL Creme de Blush in #8 Red Agate (Spring 2013 Collection)

This was my other purchase from the YSL Spring 2013 collection (the Glossy Stain in #29 Rose Fourreau was reviewed yesterday). Although I still gripe about how vastly overpackaged they are, these cream blushes are IMHO some of the best of their kind, though I could see that the texture may not appeal to everyone. […]

Review: YSL Glossy Stain in #29 Rose Fourreau (Spring 2013 Collection)

Or, “In Which I Cheerfully Horrify A YSL Sales Associate.” So, er, the other day the very nice carpet cleaning people were here, doing their thing, and, er, the crap that came out of my carpet was so … extensive … that the machine actually broke in the middle of doing it. The very nice […]

Advertising Science: It’s an Idiot Thing

Seriously, European Commission? SERIOUSLY? Behold: What The European Commission Thinks Is The Way To Get Girls Into Science. I have no words. I know some of you will have plenty of words, though. And you can read other people’s words about it at The Los Angeles Times.     (In otherwise unrelated blogging news, I […]

Review AND GIVEAWAY!!!: Minerals Mate Makeup Mixing Tray

I think that with this post I am the rueful winner of the “(Barely) Better Late Than Never” award. My school lets out somewhat later than most others, and with finals and graduation and then suddenly being handed a project (what? for me? oh, no, you shouldn’t have, NO SERIOUSLY TAKE IT BACK), I am […]

Review: MAC “Tres Cheek” Powder Blush in Immortal Flower

Buy it. Buy it right now. Skip the rest of this review and buy it right now. What? Are you still here? BUY IT RIGHT NOW. There’s not a whole lot of MAC that I squee about. Pearlglide eyeliner pencils, Fluidline eyeliner gels, and Paint Pots are pretty much the only things that I follow. […]

Review: Classified Cosmetics ERA FACE Spray On Foundation

… the best thing to come out of a can since Easy-Cheese. I admit that I was slightly terrified by the spray foundation concept. It just seemed like there was so much that could go wrong. Like Homer Simpson’s makeup gun invention: Homer: Now, this next one’s for the ladies. How many times have you […]

Review: Clarins Instant Light Blush in 02 Coral Tonic

When I bought the first of the aforementioned squee-worthy Clarins Crystal Lip Balms, I wanted to add something else to the order to qualify for a free-gift-with-minimum-$40-purchase offer. (Side note: Clarins has really excellent free sampling on the website — they have trial sizes of almost all their skincare products, and they are all available […]

Squee! Mini-Review: Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm in 04 Crystal Red

Call me Voxy. Some months ago – never mind how long precisely – having a bit of mad money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me at Sephora, I thought I would cruise about a little and see other parts of the world of cosmetics. It is a way I have of driving off […]