Yay! A new post on one of my favorite blogs

Have I mentioned how much I love the Glossed Over blog?

I love it because Wendy, who runs it, has an outlook that I wish I had could have written myself: “I love fashion and makeup, and I’m intensely interested in the media and women’s issues, so anything that lets me get juiced up on righteous outrage while simultaneously allowing me to ogle lip gloss and shoes is a magnet. As a feminist, it irks me to see women slighted in any form of media, particularly in venues that are created by and specifically for women.”

Wendy is a kindred spirit.

Anyway, her latest post skewers one of Glamour magazine’s latest “features”: “What to Do With a Naked Man (That You Haven’t Thought Of Before).” Here is a brief excerpt:

[Glamour says:] Non-verbal cues to relay consent: Your hand on his upper leg is pretty much the universal sign for “you’re getting some later.”

[Wendy says:] Excellent! There’s no way a potentially disastrous misunderstanding could result from that.


I love Wendy. Go and read her blog and show her some fellow smart-and-snarky, thinking-woman-who-loves-lipgloss love.