random swatches

Random Swatches: Sephora/Pantone Tangerine Tango Lipglosses and Blushes

Some random swatches taken at a mall. I corrected for lighting as well as possible. I hadn’t really been planning on photographing my swatches, so I didn’t swatch the products the way I normally do for blog photos (which is to say, as neatly as possible and with an eye towards making sure the pigmentation is even, texture and finish are accurately shown, etc.). Sorry about that, but I thought these might be helpful anyway if you are considering indulging in the Tangerine Tango line.

Lip products. Single swatch at left: lipstick in Tangerine Tango Cream. Four center swatches, from top to bottom: TT Luminous, Vivid, Opal, and Glaze. Single swatch on right: eye/lip liner in TT Twist.


Blushes. Far left: Prisma Chrome Apricot Brandy. Middle and right: the two shades of the blush duo. I *think* the shimmer shade is in the middle and the matte shade is on the right.

My recommendations from this collection: Prisma Chrome blush in Apricot Brandy and the lipgloss collection. The matte neon lipgloss shade is almost unwearable but the other three could all be made to work.

Random Swatches: Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm

Comes in four shades. From top to bottom: Vanilla Glow, Cream Glow, Nude Glow, Beach Glow. For the record, I am an NW20 in MAC and all of these are *far* too yellow for me.