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Monday Mix: Spa Me, Please! and, Sales

Sunset (not HDR) by Dennis Wong.I’m a spa fanatic, and I’m waking up this morning with the powerful desire to drive off to some stay spa in the middle of nowhere and hide there for about three days. Wrap me in mud and seaweed; scrub me with salt and oils, massage me with warm river rocks, and make me feel like a melted marshmallow. Oh, and, uh, do it for free, please.

Anyone have any at-home spa recipes or procedures they’d like to share? (For example, did you know Pandora has a Spa Radio station?)


Well, let’s start with the bad news. If you’ve been using Bing as a cashback-for-purchase incentive, they’ve just announced they’re going to be discontinuing that program as of July 30. Business will continue as usual until then, so you have not quite two more months to take advantage of their deals. And they have some good ones at the moment, too: 22% (!) cashback at DermStore, 10% at Sephora, etc. (If you are a VIB at Sephora and you use Bing cashback to click through tot the site and place your order, you can still get the 10% VIB discount through Sephora’s site, and then get 10% off the remainder via Bing cashback, for a total savings of 19%.) Don’t worry, Ebates (the other major cashback site) is still fully operational.

Speaking of that 10% Sephora VIB discount with code V436CB, it ends today, so better hustle.

A reminder that Editors’ Closet is launching its Beauty Story division today; sales are supposed to begin tomorrow. As of this posting, I don’t have info on what those sales will be, but I will later and will update if I get the chance.

Also, fragrance hounds, the regular Editor’s Closet site is having a Fragrance Boutique tomorrow beginning at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific. Brands unknown.

HauteLook has ‘Tini Beauty today and Juice Beauty skincare tomorrow; all sales begin at 11 am Eastern/8 am Pacific.

POPBeauty has 30% off through June 20 with code POPSummer.