Review Policy

I thank the fine bloggers of Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains for their stellar example of a review policy/guidelines page, which provides a good overview of issues review policies might need to cover. As this blog grows, these policies may change, but will always be accessible here.

• This site focuses on skincare and makeup products, primarily (though not exclusively) for women. We also occasionally discuss haircare, fragrance, and fashion. Products falling outside of one of these categories are unlikely to be reviewed.

• Neither Voxy nor any other reviewer will accept money for reviews.

• The provenance of items being reviewed will always be fully disclosed: new or previous purchase, free sample, gift from company, etc.

• Although it is our intention to review all suitable products that come our way, the actual production of such a review depends upon the availability of appropriate reviewers and the length of the queue of items already to be reviewed. Therefore, there is no guaranteed timetable for review of products. Products we receive are considered to be given to us free and clear, with no obligation to review or return, and are not considered to obligate us in any way to the providing company or organization.

• Published product reviews by site reviewers represent our actual experiences with the product. Reviews may be positive, negative, or mixed.

• Reviews will not be submitted to companies for approval either before or after publication. They represent the opinion of the individual reviewer only.

• As stated above, these policies are subject to alteration as the blog develops and new issues come to light, but the fundamental principles remain.

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